The Story of My Parents' Youth

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The Story of My Parents' Youth


  • Title: 父亲的草原母亲的河 / Fu qin de cao mu qin de he
  • English title: The Story of My Parents' Youth
  • Also known as: Father's Grassland Mother's River
  • Genre: Drama, family
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: CCTV
  • Broadcast period: 2020
  • Theme song: Four Years Old Hai Liu Horse (四岁的海骝马) by Ayanga


The story takes place in the 1960s. The second son of the Mo family, Mo Chengming couldn't find a job in Beijing and decides to follow his brother Mo Zhi to Inner Mongolia. However while his brother is at Hulunbuir, he goes to Ordos City where he found a job and married a Mongolian lady called Keng La. Chengming is musically talented since young, and by chance he joined the Mongol revolutionary cultural troupe. However at this Mo Zhi accidentally injured someone and escapes to Nanjing, where he was caught by the police. Sang Zi, the third sister of Mo family, leaves Nanjing and comes to Inner Mongolia. Sang Zi is skilled in volleyball and dancing, and she was sent to the Sonid Right Banner's cultural troupe. Mo Qingshan, the fourth son of Mo family, follows Mo Zhi who just came out of prison to Inner Mongolia, and also begin his own life there. Many years later, the children of Mo family found their own home and family in Inner Mongolia.


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