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  • Title: 偷龍轉鳳 (偷龙转凤) / Tou Long Chuan Feng (Tou Long Zhuan Feng)
  • Also known as: Stealing Dragon, Exchanging Phoenix / Swap a Princess
  • Genre: Comedy

Season 1[edit]

Stealing Dragon, Exchanging Phoenix
  • Episodes: 40
  • Broadcast year: 2002
  • Opening theme song: Fa Cai Fa Fu Zhong Guo Nian (發財發福中國年) by China Dolls
  • Ending theme song: Duo Xie Ni (多謝你) Much Thanks to You by David Tao


The story begins when the Emperor's concubine Zhang gave birth to a daughter. Desperate to bear the Emperor's first son surviving, she agrees to Eunuch Liu's suggestion that her daughter be switched with the son of the Lin family. Lin's wife, however, was enraged by the forced switch and abandoned the baby princess at a brothel in Yang Zhou, Bai Hua Lou, where she was adopted and named Qian Qian.

18 years later, Qian Qian grew to be a mischievous young lady, stirring up trouble whenever she could. As fate would have it, she would fight with and gain the attention of the crown prince Zheng De in one of her misadventures.

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Season 2[edit]

Swap a princess 2.jpg
  • Tagline: 皇后進宮 (皇后进宫) / Huang Hou Chin Gong (Huang Hou Jin Gong)
  • Broadcast year: 2004


Picking up after the end of the first series, Emperor Zheng Kang names Qian Qian Empress. However, on the way to her own coronation, her retinue was attacked by armed assassins who appear to have killed the new Empress. Rushing to the scene of the attack, the Emperor was shocked to find the palace maid Qiao Yu disguised as the Empress instead. It appears that Qian Qian, unhappy with the restrictive life of the palace, had ran away on the day of her own coronation...

The Commander of the Army, Chou Yu, meanwhile, not content despite his current high position, seeks to have his daughter Meng Meng named Empress whatever the cost.


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