The Women of Our Home

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The Women of Our Home


  • Title: 우리집 여자들 / Wurijib Yeojadeul
  • Also known as: Women in Our House / Our Women / My Bittersweet Life
  • Genre: Family, romance
  • Episodes: 125
  • Broadcast network: KBS1
  • Broadcast period: 2011-May-16 to 2011-Nov-04
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25
  • Original Soundtrack: The Women of Our Home OST


A family drama that portrays the work and romantic relationships of young people. Go Eun Nim works hard at her part-time job and stays cheerful to support her family, which includes Choi Joon Young and his mother, who suffered after marrying the wrong man and was taken in by Eun Nim's grandmother. Joon Young grew up with Eun Nim like siblings, but slowly begins seeing her as a woman. Lee Se In is the opposite of Eun Nim, with brains, looks and wealth as the heir of a business, but is selfish and spoilt. He uses studying in the U.S. as an excuse to play around. Hong Joo Mi is the picture of perfection; proud, confident and beautiful, she's the youngest team leader at Chairman Lee's company. She has walked her whole life on the path of the elite, from elementary school to her career, and is unused to failure.

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