Tie Xue Chang Ping

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Tie Xue Chang Ping


  • Title: 铁血长平 / Tie Xue Chang Ping
  • Also known as: 长平之战 / Chang Ping Zhi Zhan / War of Changping / Battle of Changping
  • Genre: Historical drama
  • Episodes: 30


This is the Era of Warring States and the already powerful State of Qin, ruled by King Zhao Xiang, is attacking the neighboring State of Zhao under the King Wei Wen. The two states armies met at a place named Changping in 262 BC. The Zhao army was led by General Lian Po, who after some minor defeats, decided to build fortresses in order to wait out and stop the Qin army attacks. Although it was a wise decision, the Zhao King was not satisfied and replaced the old general with a young one named Zhao Kuo. Lin Xiang Ru, a wise and intellectual Zhao politician and a friend of Lian Po, protests against this to no avail and in summer of 260 BC, Zhao Kuo leads the Zhao army of 400,000 men to the battlefield of Changping once more. On the other hand, the Qin army also has a new commander, a renowned and fearsome general by the name of Bai Qi. The Battle of Changping is soon to begin and the future of two nations will be decided in this lethal war.


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  • Production year: 2004 (has not yet been broadcast in China)

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