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To Heart


  • Title: 恋して死にたい
  • Title (romaji): Koishite Shinitai
  • Also known as: To Heart
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 12
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 1999-Jul-02 to 1999-Sep-17
  • Theme song: To Heart by KinKi Kids / Life by Des'ree (opening)


Yuji is a twenty year old boxer who makes ends meet by working part-time at a flower shop. Although he works beside her everyday, he hides a deep affection for Kaori, the manager of the shop. Tohko is a sincere and active young woman that works at a local crepe shop. Her initial meeting with Yuji in a video store ends quickly with both ridiculing the other's video selections. However, Tohko notices him training in the park and falls in love with him instantly after seeing this serious and determined side of Yuji. Her persistence brings her to his debut-boxing match, but as she cheers for him she soon realizes his heart belongs to Kaori. --- TBS

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  • 90% of all the music featured in this show comes from Des'ree. There are a few "insert songs" that come from Des'ree albums, and nearly ALL of the incidental music that sits in the background of most scenes are lightweight arrangements of other Des'ree tunes too.
  • The script was specially written for the 2 leads.


By geoffropuff

geoffropuff says: Only if you have time / STAY AWAY

When I initially watched this show, I thought it was pretty good. I mean, it has a plot, develops its characters, and wraps itself up in a nice package. It's better than these American shows that just continuously go on forever without really achieving anything, right? As I watched more drama, this show dropped lower and lower on my list, eventually ending up near the bottom. I'll tell you why.

Toko, played by Fukada Kyoko, is supposed to be this cute girl who goes after the guy she loves. She will do this by following him wherever he goes like a little puppy, breaking into his apartment when he isn't there, and looking at him from afar. Some will think this is cute, while I personally think she's a STALKER. What's so cute about a girl who will break into the guy she like's apartment? What's so cute about a girl who says "Ne. Ne. Ne. Ne. Ne. Ne. Ne. Ne. Ne."x100 and just yells her love's name over and over again?

Tokieda Yuji, played by Domoto Tsuyoshi, is an equally annoying character. He loves his boss, but doesn't tell her. Then he tries to use the stalker girl to get over his unrequitted love. Then he goes back to liking the other girl. Then he gets with stalker girl, etc. etc. etc. Makes me think he's just this lonely guy who needs to constantly get some.

The thing that redeems this drama is the fact that the acting is good. I mean, the characters are pretty annoying, but they were meant to be like that. Kyoko and Tsuyoshi did what they were told. I can't imagine anyone who could pull off the stalker puppy role better than Kyoko Fukada. In fact, she plays this same role in other shows, but that's beside the point.

The opening theme song is by Des'ree, not a Japanese singer. The words don't really make a lot of sense, but to the Japanese who don't fully grasp English, it's good, but to us in America, it's only bearable. Even though the song is sung by a British? singer in English, the way the words are set up remind me of something I'd hear on The ending theme is a typical song by Kinki Kids, so if you like them, which I do, then you'll like the song.

Overall, if you like stories that involve a small animal who stalks a boxer who loves his boss at a flower shop, then this show is for you. If not, well, I probably wouldn't waste my time.

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