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  • Title: 愛情白皮書 (爱情白皮书) / Ai Ching Pai Pi Shu (Ai Qing Bai Pi Shu)
  • English Title: Tomorrow
  • Also known as: The Love Book
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast network: CTV
  • Broadcast period: 2002
  • Opening theme song: Qi Cheng by Christine Fan
  • Ending theme song: You Ni Zhen Hao by Rainie Yang & Christine Fan
  • Related TV shows: Asunaro Hakusho, Brave to Love


Based on the Japanese manga "Asunaro Hakusho" by Saimon Fumi.

The story of Tomorrow spans over 8 years, including love and friendship. It narrates a high school sports athlete, Yuan Cheng Mei, who was injured due to a practice session in school. At that time, there was a stranger (Ou Yang Gua Ju) who saved her and therefore, that's how this story started.

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