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Handling incomplete articles[edit]

So if I am not able to write the kanji should I be bothering to even update screenwriters / composer pages? I don't think I should be using a translator program since those are pretty unreliable and I can't really think of any other way around figuring out how to write there names in kanji. Thanks in advance.

According to the guidelines, if you leave an artist article incomplete (incomplete meaning you left out critical information, such as the kanji, categories, or the drama list is empty), you should tag it with the appropriate stub depending on the artist's profession, such as {{jactor-stub}}, {{jactress-stub}}, {{jproducer-stub}}, {{jwriter-stub}} or {{jsinger-stub}}. Once the article is tagged correctly, someone like myself can come along and catch the stubbed article. Groink 15:33, 1 Apr 2007 (CDT)

Question on copyrights...[edit]

Hi, I noticed that you removed my summary for plagiarism and then added it back. I was wondering, if I can't synopsis from the original site, where are all the summaries from? I know for a fact that some of the shows aren't out yet, so people haven't watched them. Just curious. (I put a summary for Mei Wei Guan Xi before I saw your edit of my edit, so then I removed it.) Thanks!

Most of the synopses are actually written by us, using external sources as inspiration. At least that's how the Japanese drama synopses are written. As for the Korean and Chinese drama articles, many of the articles are packed with plagiarism, and we're slowly cleaning it up. So don't use the other articles as examples. Groink 19:43, 27 Feb 2007 (CST

Problem editing a page[edit]

I've been trying to put Awards information in for the Jdorama article Shiroi Kyoto (2003), but keep getting this error heading and page: 500.shtml (There is currently no text in this page). Can you please help? Thanks. --Lady Zhuge 19:31, 5 Mar 2007 (CST)

It appears that there may be caching problems in the MediaWiki software that runs DramaWiki. I'll forward this to Ruroshin. Groink 21:16, 5 Mar 2007 (CST)

i also got the error 500.shtml for the Fubuki Jun and Ohkura Koji pages. Marienella


the synopsis is limited to 150 words, is that right? i changed the synopsis for this drama, Netsuretsu Teki Chuuka Hanten, because basically it can be summarized in just 2 sentences. however, the editor who put the long summary reverted it back, she retained 203 words from the old summary then she put the link where she got it. i dont understand why you have to put the whole article copied from the english Fuji website, if you can just basically summarize it in just 2 to sentences. if that is allowed, then is it alright to just copy and link all the summaries from the TV websites? Marienella

Thanks for inquiring. I don't understand either why people can't just link to a synopsis rather than copying it. I would let 203 words slide by; that's just a few words longer than we would like. Japanese articles - I don't see a problem with length in general seeing most translations from the official sites are short anyway. However, it appears that the Korean TV networks like writing very lengthy English-written synopses because they're basically trying to sell their viewers their shows, and that their fans like details. Chinese synopses in general are almost as bad, but it is simply because Chinese drama fans are a lot more fanatic about their shows than the rest of us. So in short, NO, copying an entire synopsis off a TV network or other site is not allowed. You can copy the first one or two sentences, and then provide a link to the rest of the article. But I would prefer that we start writing our own. We all watch these dramas, so you would figure we should at least be able to summarize what we watched. Groink 00:32, 22 Mar 2007 (CDT)

"Goong S" is not related to "Goong"[edit]

"Stop removing Goong S from the article. Goong, Goong S, and Goong 2 are all related series. Groink 02:52, 16 Mar 2007 (CDT)"

Can you please tell me how Goong S would be related to Goong? I have been following the legal issues since the beginning and both dramas are NOT related to each other in anyways besides the similar plot. (That is why Goong S is no longer Goong S but it is now named Prince Who.) If you can find any OFFICIAL statement from MBC or Group 8 about Goong S being related to Goong, then I would drop the issue. I seriously do not want other people reading misleading information and getting themselves confused as to if Goong S is really the sequel, which is is not. -- unsigned by Aquafina (Talk)

Note that we use the terminology "related series". We are not saying that the two dramas contain the same casting or writers. We associate two dramas if the two have very similar genre and/or very similar storylines. For example, in the Japanese drama area, it is not unusual for us to say that two jidaigeki dramas are "related" seeing they both are in the same era, both have very similar storylines, and other similaries, even though the two are aired on two completely different networks, written by two totally different people, and the characters are totally different. That's what your problem is - you're mis-interpreting the use of "related series" on DramaWiki. Believe me - it is you fans who are confusing the issue on your blog sites; DramaWiki is NOT contributing to the confusion. Groink 22:23, 27 Mar 2007 (CDT)

Smiling Pasta[edit]

Hello, I noticed that you added season 2 for Smiling Pasta. I'm not trying to prove you wrong or anything, I would like to know the source of the season 2? Because I have searched among many Chinese resources and none of them indicate that there will be a seaon 2.

Read the talk page for Smiling Pasta for an explanation. Groink 16:12, 28 Mar 2007 (CDT)

Sorry groink, I have been under the assumption that they were divorced for the past year for some reason and you just officially blew my mind by making me aware of this. I'll change them both.

Artists link back[edit]

You said "We don't allow additions of artists names without having the artists link back. Not doing so within a reasonable amount of time will result in reversal of your edits."

What do you do when the artist has no link? Omit them? Or I've to create a page for every new artist name I add??

This rule only pertains to artist articles that exist. It would be nice for you to create a page for every new artist, as this is the nature of a wiki - attempt to create articles that are missing. But it isn't a requirement. The reason I wrote the above warning is that when I saw your artist additions to the drama article, I did not see that drama listed in those newly-added artist articles, even though those artist articles exist. Take for example Umemiya Anna. Upon inspection, I do not see a link to Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi 3. That is what I mean by being incomplete in your updates. Groink 18:14, 5 Apr 2007 (CDT)

Answers to "Read each one 100 times if you have to"[edit]

You said "Dramas within an artist profile are listed in descending order. You stuck Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi on the bottom of each list, when it should have been near or at the top."

You mean in descending ALPHABETICAL order? I think it makes more sense to list dramas in CHRONOLOGICAL order.

You said "Birthdate" and NOT "Date of birth".

I was just following the practice used here. Don't believe me? Well, click on those artist links on Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi's page. For instance, Takahashi Katsunori, Ebihara Yuri, Sakurai Atsuko... want me to go on?? I pasted Sakurai Atsuko's profile here for your reference.


  • Name: 櫻井淳子 / Sakurai Atsuko
  • Profession: Actress
  • Date of Birth: 05 January 1973
  • Birthplace: Saitama prefecture
  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 46kg
  • Star Sign: Capricorn
  • Blood Type: A
  • Talent Agency:

By the way, the term "Date of Birth" is commonly used in places like Japan and Hong Kong.

You said "The kanji on one of the actresses was incorrect (Ozawa Maria)."

My kanji is CORRECT, but if you want to use Katakana, this is okay to me. However, majority of users here have non-Japanese origins, I think more people will understand if I translate those Japanese Katakana into Chinese kanji. Also, notice that on Sakurai Atsuko's profile, the name is 櫻井淳子, which are Chinese kanji. If you are that strict, replace all Chinese kanji with Japanese kanji. In the above example, 櫻井淳子 should be 桜井淳子(Japanese Kanji).

You said "Do not include body measurements of an actress (B/W/H). Include only height and weight."

Body measurements of an actress are widely publicized information in Japan's media, just like blood type and birthplace. In case you don't know, body measurements statistics are commonly found in Wikipedia.

You said "You did not categorize any of the new articles you created. You're supposed to add [[Category:JActress]] for actresses, [[Category:JActor]] for actors, etc."

I will give you a quote from DramaWiki's main page: "Don't be afraid about layout or formatting. Information is the important factor for this site; other more experienced users can always clean up the format of a page for you."

You said "And once more, you forgot to add Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi to many of the artists you added. I spent 30 minutes cleaning that mess up. "

I spent more than 3 HOURS to contribute information here, and I created the artist pages as you requested. However, I only do things step by step, when I have some more important things to do, I will stop and leave it until I come next time. As an editor, isn't editing and correcting mistakes YOUR JOB?

You said "Just like Wikipedia, we're VERY strict about how articles are organized, written, and maintained."

If so, go ahead and correct ALL the artist profiles the way you want. Please be reasonable. DON'T JUST PICK ON ME!

"Everyone is welcome to contribute here and add any information they may know about certain dramas or artists."(quoted from main page) You owe me an apology, but it is fine if you just say "thanks".