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Welcome to DramaWiki! We hope you will contribute much and well. You will probably want to read the help pages. Again, welcome and have fun! WaterOB 19:16, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

Weight / Height Changes[edit]

Hi Kamloong =) I've noticed you've made several changes to the height / weight of various Jactors/actresses...well you're not doing anything wrong per se...but it's not exactly drama wiki's top priority. I noticed for example that you changed it several times for one actor/actress. Obviously weight will change, height will not for most cases (but different magazines and sources will have slight height / weight differences) so it'll become a never-ending circle of changes in height / weight due to those factors. I appreciate your enthusiam but it does slightly add unnecessary bulk to the recent changes logs (you made 10 weight/height changes in one day) and in general it's not exactly necessary. I believe in the dramawiki manual it says if you're making very minor changes save it until you have other changes to add. Please take this into consideration. Thanks~ and happy editing =) -- iwaseJEN

Alright, I will try my best to edit stuff that are more important but I'll still do some editing on the height and weight. Kamloong
Hi again, I hate to ask you again but please do stop editting the heights so much. And its not so much that you do it often but its rather that the height changes are not consistent with official information. For example, for Kato Rosa you made her grow 8cm, now that's quite a large discrepency in height there. She couldn't be that tall so I checked her OFFICIAL site and it says she's 160cm. So please do not put wrong information on drama wiki, if you feel the need to change the heights please, and I implore you, please add credible information AND please add a SOURCE (magazine scan, official website etc) from now on, everytime you changed the height information. Thank you very much and sorry for bothering you again and hope you understand. -- iwaseJEN
Hi iwaseJEN, I'm so sorry about the Rosa Kato page T_T But every other height/weight change I do are not vandalism. I've seen pictures of them and that's how tall they look. There was even a mugshot of Tanaka Koki and he looked 175cm. I'm not lying, if I could find that mugshot, I'll post the link next to the height section of Tanaka Koki. As for the weight, I just look at places where it says it and if they look that heavy. Kamloong
Hi hi, by look do you mean like it states on the page? or do you literally mean you look at the pic and gauge how tall/heavy they are? XD If it is the latter then please don't use that as your basis. From now on everytime you edit the height/weight it would be great if you add a source that states specifically the height/weight. If it doesn't state it specifically, its better to leave it out then to guesstimate. Also, like I have mentioned previously, some magazines may have discrepencies in height, usually 1 or 2 cm, everytime you see that you do not have to change it, as it would become an endless loop, especially since the magazines and official profiles add a few cm to the height already. Also, weight is a very tricky thing, as its natural for weight to fluctuate (I personally don't see the point of putting weight on dramawiki lol) but you don't have to change the weight everytime its different by 1 or 2 etc kg, if it changes substantially then please do change it. Also please refer to Yamashita Tomohisa's page to see how to link the sources. Thank you so much. -- iwaseJEN
Hi, when I said how tall/heavy a JActor or JActress looks, I mean both reasons you told me. But mostly when it states it in a website. In some cases where no height listing is found for a celebrity, I look at pictures of that Actor/Actress and see how tall they look next to people WITH height listings. In a very rare case, I see a height listing of a JActor that is very inaccurate. I looked for Nishikawa Takanori's height and many places say 161cm when he looks WAY more than that. His official website doesn't even list his height, so that 161cm listing is silly. I saw a picture of Nishikawa Takanori and Akashiya Sanma. Akashiya Sanma is between 172-175cm according to the sites that list his height. Akashiya Sanma looks 1 or 2cm taller than Nishikawa Takanori in this picture ( Nishikawa Takanori never wears high heels, just regular shoes or boots. And yes, I agree that weight is pointless for DramaWiki, it wasn't me that added weights for JActors and JActresses. Well I'll give sources for height/weight listings if I can find them and see if it's accurate.Kamloong
Oh....interesting...well just to let you know, using your own reasoning and judgement in the case of height/weight is not considered to be very accurate. You can't claim that Nishikawa never wears high heels, because you really never know (and yes i have seen him wearing heels frequently, although thats besides the point) The point i'm trying to make is that when you use your own judgement etc it is not factual anymore. Unless you personally took a measuring tape and measured them, you can't know for 100% sure that you have the correct measurement, especially if you are eyeballing it. The best way in this case would be to use what OFFICIAL sites/magazines etc provides. So like I have mentioned before, from now on please stick with offical site information as your first priority of where you get info, then magazines linked to the page that specifically state the height (ie often Johnny's members have their heights/weights stated in magazines, again please refer to Yamashita Tomohisa's page on how to link it and what dramawiki looks for) I hope you understand and see where I am coming from and thanks so much for your cooperation =) -- iwaseJEN
But whenever Nishikawa wears high heels, whoever he stands next to wears platform shoes just like Akashiya Sanma. Some of them wear super high heels just like Otsuka Chihiro. I looked at Nishikawa's shoes and they look exactly the same as the shoes I wear. The shoes I wear are 3-5cm high, so not very high heels. Magazines don't even list his height, so that 161cm rumor is ridiculous. Those sites that mention that 161cm are unofficial sites and places where anyone can edit, such as Wikipedia. I read somewhere that Nishikawa claimed to be 183cm. To me he looks neither 161cm nor 183cm. 161 being far too low for him and 183 being fat too high for him. But I will keep in mind that I'll have to look for links to official sites or magazines that list their height. Kamloong