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Please follow style guidelines[edit]

Before making any more edits, please read up on the following style guides:

DramaWiki Manual of Style
Japanese TV Show Article Formatting
Japanese Artist Article Formatting
Romanization of Japanese

DramaWiki has a fixed system on how articles should look. Groink 00:53, 9 Oct 2006 (EDT)

Fan-like information not allowed[edit]

Fan-like information include:

  • Body dimensions other than height and weight. Things like B/H/W are not allowed.
  • "Favorite _____" trivia.
  • Any other trivia that is not related to the artist's craft as an actor/actress, and is considered to be along the line of fanboy/fangirl material. i.e. material that only an obsessed fanboy/fangirl would be interested in. Ex: feelings, best friends, hand gestures, the way he combs his hair, relationships/divorces, any form of rumor, etc.

Groink 21:06, 9 Oct 2006 (EDT)