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Not following DramaWiki rules[edit]

Read the following DramaWiki policies:

DramaWiki Manual of Style
Chinese TV Show Article Formatting
Chinese Artist Article Formatting
Romanization of Chinese

Groink 15:02, 21 Oct 2006 (CDT)

Also, do not add plagiarized material from other web sites such as Wikipedia and fansites. Your last edit came straight from Wikipedia. Groink 15:09, 21 Oct 2006 (CDT)

No non-Eastern Asian references allowed[edit]

Don't add Vietnamese name references to any of the dramas or artists. This is an Eastern Asian TV drama wiki for English readers. The Vietnamese language is not Eastern Asian. Please read DramaWiki's About page. Groink 01:05, 28 Nov 2006 (CST)