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Use proper filenames[edit]

Please rename the files before uploading and choose a suitable name. Image:2009030614420132633 145414 0.jpg is not a proper name. Drama images should contain the title of the show and optionally an additional term (e.g. banner, cover, poster, chart, screenshot, etc.) to categorize the image. This is important because uploaded files cannot be renamed later. --MoerkJ talk 20:45, 6 Mar 2009 (UTC)

Lee Ji Ah[edit]

Originally, SBS drama Style was placed before/under the Telecinema projects. I had done that because the Telecinema projects weren't going to air on SBS until the film versions aired in Japan. They are planning on airing them once all the projects are done. You may not know this but on DramaWiki it doesn't matter when a drama/movie is filmed. (Even though they may be done filming, the final product has yet to be released.) DramaWiki only lists the drama/movies in the order that they are released. Style already has a definite broadcast date and will air before the Telecinema projects. Thus it should be before the Telecinema section like it had been earlier. --C51236

Kim Soo Ro Poster[edit]

While there's nothing wrong with the image you uploaded, there wasn't anything wrong with the previous one either. But if you do need to replace the previous one with a new one instead of uploading the image under a new filename, you should upload a new version of the existing image. This not only let editors see the differences between images but also does not clog the servers. To upload a new version of an image can be done by clicking on an image and the link can be found there. --C51236 16:31, 25 May 2010 (UTC)