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Linking to Fansites[edit]

Please do not add external links to fansites. Fansites are sites that are not considered a well-established resource by the community. Sites that are considered well-established include:

  • TV networks
  • Wikipedia
  • Talent agency
  • Magazines with a proven record of credibility

We do not allow fansites to be linked because they could potentially harm DramaWiki in that:

  • The site could contain offensive material, such as pornography photos or writings.
  • The site could contain materials that are not written with a neutral point of view (NPOV) in mind.
  • The site is a fly-by-night project, where it may disappear tomorrow.
  • The site could be members-only. This goes against wiki policy in general where ALL resources must be free and accessible by EVERYONE without the need for any registration or other rules.

Groink 17:18, 3 Aug 2006 (EDT)


Hi, we're no longer using the Month-DD, YYYY format for dates, but using the YYYY-MMM-DD format, hope you can follow this format when writing dates. Regards --A10203040 22:43, 3 Jan 2007 (CST)