Viva Le Famille II

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Viva Le Famille II


  • Tittle: 好儿好女 II / Hao Er Hao Nu II
  • English Tittle: Viva Le Famille II
  • Genre: Romance, Kinship
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast Network: Mediacorp Channel 8
  • Broadcast period: 2003-April-28 to 2003-May-23
  • Air time: Weekdays 21:00-22:00
  • Opening Theme: Shen Bian De Ni by Cavin Soh


A continuation from part I, Vive La Famile II showcases an original cast with 2 new additions, namely Pan Jing Lian (Hong Huifang) as Thomas' (Chen Hanwei) auntie and Stephanie (Cassandra See) as Stella's (Lin Meijiao) sister.

Long-time widower Sun Yongshun (Chen Shucheng) suffers a stroke and his four children decide to employ a maid to manage the household chores, while his sister-in-law Sixuan (Lin Yinzhu) offers to take care of Yongshun. In this season, everyone is plagued by their own problems and the household fails to enjoy a moment of peace.

Second son and wife Huifen (Chen Huihui) decide that Yutai (San Yow) will quit his job to be a househusband when Huifen's career soars. The pressure the couple faces by reversing traditional roles soon takes a toil on them. The Sun family's life is turned upside down when third daughter's (Huang Biren) aunt-in-law, Jinglian (Hong Huifang), from Penang moves in to live them. Jinglian assumes the role of the matriach in her attempt to help, frustrating every Sun family member.

Meanwhile, eldest son Yuguo (Zheng Geping) and his wife (Lin Meijiao) have to reconcile the fact that the latter is retrenched. In addition, Yuguo's boss tries to seduce him and to bribe his family by offering to buy over the house to help tie over the bad times. Will the Sun family be able to tide over their troubles?

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