Watashi Danna wo Share Shiteta

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Watashi Danna wo Share Shiteta


  • Title: わたし旦那をシェアしてた
  • Title (romaji): Watashi Danna wo Share Shiteta
  • Also known as: I Shared My Husband
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Drama, Family
  • Episodes: 10
  • Broadcast network: YTV
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Jul-04 to 2019-Sep-06
  • Air time: Thursday 23:59
  • Theme song: Jijitsuai by Hilcrhyme feat. Nakasone Izumi


One day, Morishita Harumi received a call which informed her that her husband Amaya Kyohei was killed. When she went to the hospital to verify her husband's body, she met two strange women Ogura Kanako and Fujimiya Akane, who claimed that they were also married to Kyohei.

According to Kyohei's will, the three women decided to live together at "Sing Sing House", a share house for single mothers. Kyohei also left a will that 300 million yen will be given to his "one and only beloved wife". Does the wife refer to Harumi, Kanako, or Akane? Due to the dead "husband"'s will, the three women begin a quiet battle over mysteries and lies.

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Correlation chart
Morishita Family
Ogura Family
  • Ryo as Ogura Kanako (42)
  • Maki Junya (牧純矢) as Ogura Toru (15)
Fujimiya Family
People around "Sing Sing House"


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