We Are Young (2019)

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We Are Young


  • Title: 我们正年轻 / Wo Men Zheng Nian Qing
  • Also known as: 尉官正年轻 / Wei Guan Zheng Nian Qing / Young Army Officer
  • English title: We Are Young
  • Genre: Military
  • Episodes: 42
  • Broadcast network: Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV
  • Broadcast period:


Revolves around a group of friends in the military academy.


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing: Wei Guan Zheng Nian Qing (尉官正年轻) by Liu Jing (刘静)
  • Director: Li Xue (李雪)
  • Screenwriter: Liu Jing (刘静)
  • Producer: Hou Hong Liang (侯鸿亮)
  • Company: Daylight Entertainment, August First Film Studio

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