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Wild Life


  • Title: ワイルドライフ
  • Title (English): Wild Life
  • Tagline: 国境なき獣医師団R.E.D. / Kokkyo Naki Juisahi Dan R.E.D.
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 2 (see notes)
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast dates:
2008-Mar-24 @ 23:05 to 24:35
2008-Mar-25 @ 22:30 to 24:00


Based on a manga, this renzoku adapts Fujisaki Masato's story about a young veterinarian who saves animals' lives, using his extraordinary sense of hearing.

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  • Ep1 6.1%
  • Ep2 3.8%


  • Originally, NHK filmed three episodes starting early December 2007. In one episode, the crew was attempting to recreate the real-life story of Taiyo, a giraffe that made headlines for being outfitted with an artificial leg at the same zoo six years ago. For three days starting on December 10, a female giraffe named Ririka was separated for the first time from her baby giraffe, Himawari, for the episode's shooting. Himawari had just been born five months earlier. Himawari and Ririka's father, Jun, began losing their normally calm demeanor and showed signs of stress. After filming ended and the giraffes were reunited, Ririka collapsed after a meal and died on the evening of December 15. Himawari later died on December 21, leaving 14-year-old Jun as the only giraffe at the zoo. NHK's public relations released a statement on the drama's cancellation on January 10 that said in part, "This is a decision of the production company. We are overcome with regret over the giraffes' sudden deaths." Later on January 14, NHK decided to air two of the three episodes, leaving out the episode that featured Ririka and Himawari. --groink and Anime News Network

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