Yoso no Uta

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  • Title: よその歌 わたしの唄
  • Title (romaji): Yoso no Uta ~ Watashi no Uta
  • Title (English): Their Song, My Song
  • Genre: Drama, Music
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 2013-Jul-19
  • Air time: Friday 21:00


After retirement, Harukawa Takashi (Watase Tsunehiko), who was a professor of anthropology, has been searching for singers who sing karaoke alone under the guise of an employee of a karaoke bar. His purpose is to assemble several people who meet his criteria regardless of age or gender, and form a chorus. Before long, some people are gathered. They are all strangers of different age and gender. Harukawa’s wife Akane (Ishida Ayumi) was born into a family of musicians and is well-versed in classical music. She is retired too and conducts violin classes now. Needless to say, they want to do what they like and this has spurred them to form a chorus. One day, Harukawa meets Matsuki Shinji (Seto Koji) and Igata Toshinari (Emoto Akira) while scouting for members. He immediately brings Igata to the rehersal hall and introduces him to the members of the chorus. Days later, Igata brings his own wife Kayo (Otori Ran) to the hall. Because Kayo plays the piano, the chorus sings to her piano accompaniment. They are uncoordinated but energised. Everyone seems in good spirits, and it appears that the chorus will be successful. Harukawa continues scouting at the karaoke bar and meets Shinji again. He brings Shinji to the rehersal hall. Shinji comes on board even though he is unhappy that he was not scouted. At that moment, Harukawa receives a phone call about Kayo’s sudden death. After the funeral service, Igata hangs around at the Harukawas home, saying that it is hard for him to return to a home without his wife. One day, Murasaki Hidemi (Nakagoshi Noriko), one of the members of the chorus, leaves during practice. Then, other members leave as well. They say that they do not know the purpose of this chorus. When a hurt Harukawa returns home, Igata is in his house preparing a meal as if it were the normal thing to do. He gets mad and vents his unhappiness at him. However, true friendship grows between the two men because of their argument. Then Igata asks a favour of Harukawa, the members who have come to the hall, as well as Akane. -- JDramas

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