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Review by User:Nova984[edit]

It is a drama known and loved by many and that to ten years of its premiere it continues giving to speak, surprising that what was in its country of origin, in South Korea, a relative success, what would come to be a failure, was to give it a future in where the recognition at world-wide level would be immediate, is one of the dramas but exported to a number of countries and also one of the most popular, it has had several adaptations in other countries.

Its success is undeniable, but concerning the criticism and if the drama is good as you remember you will read it below.

Pacing & Script

It's a comedy-drama, with a very extreme and crazy emphasis on comedy, in general, the pacing is wacky and frenetic, akin to a sugar rush, The drama later becomes melodramatic by the final episodes, and there is some dissonance, yet the exuberant energy of the comic scenes, along with the pragmatic seriousness of the melodramatic is not that they are related, but they are effective in the overall plot of the drama.

It is a very lighthearted, simple drama, and it is worth emphasizing that it is also extremely predictable. The script written by the famous Hong sisters has its good moments as well as its mistakes, the humor is childish and even innocent, there are also jokes that will seem to anyone who sees the drama or very funny or astonishingly cringe-inducing.

Characters & Performances

Park Shin Hye plays Go Mi Nam, she manages to transmit the innocence and purity of her character to perfection, her sense of humor is impeccable, although there are some scenes that are not entirely good due to how she delivers her lines. Jang Geuk Suk plays Tae Kyung a taciturn character and in extreme obsessive-compulsive, Jang Geuk Suk has a complex role, which he manages to develop accordingly as the story develops, his performance was great, not outstanding, with a bit of an edge to it, Jeremy is played by Lee Hong Ki, who stands out even more than Park Shin Hye with his dynamic and extroverted character, is a charm and when it comes to the most atrocious dialogue ever written he delivers it with the conviction of a little boy who makes it seem sweet and endearing. Jung Yong Hwa perfectly interprets the reassuring and cheerful Kang Shin Woo, he communicates a lot with his microexpressions and gaze.

As for the cast, they are excellent, except for a couple of performances that were not entirely remarkable, the most notorious was the character of the secondary antagonist of the drama played by UEE, it was her first relevant role and is terribly noticeable, not engaging in the slightest. and so unconvincing to deliver the lines of the script that made her seemed unbearable. It didn't help that her performance was flat either, although she does have her moments.

Cinematography, Staging, Sets & Costumes

It has a rather dull color palette and cinematography, and average staging, its like a rom-com of sorts, that's not a bad thing, this drama its in fact a romcom but it would have helped to put a lot of more effort into these aspects so that the drama can have a sort of identity of its to help differentiate it of the others of the same genre. Sometimes it has a visual flair, with pastel colors and a lot of bright colors as well, as for the costuming it was a mixed bag.

Special Effects

There was a glaring and awful use of a CGI effect at the end of the drama, it was terrible. It was back in the late 2000s and its still a lot worse now.

Musical Score & Soundtrack

The musical score was... ok. As for the soundtrack, it is great, its a drama centered on a musical band and the soundtrack delivers a straight punch to the guts in that aspect, you will love a lot of the songs and you will be humming them after seeing this drama, that is certain.


In conclusion, a funny rom-com that is just a very good lighthearted story to watch with family or friends and laugh a lot at the dramas expense, it's not bad, but its good in is own way, and that's what matters, and also there are far worse dramas out there.