Youth Fight

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Youth Fight


  • Title: 青春斗 / Qing Chun Dou
  • English title: Youth Fight
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 38
  • Broadcast network: Beijing TV, Dragon TV
  • Broadcast period: 2019-Mar-24 to 2019-Apr-12


The story of five university friends and the challenges they face after graduation.

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Actor Role Notes
Zheng Shuang Xiang Zhen History graduate of Shi Fan University. Editor of "Beauty" fashion magazine, creator of Jiujiu company.
She is energetic and enthusiastic, but can be impulsive and rash.
Gai Yue Xi Qian Beibei Economics graduate of Shi Fan University. A bank employee.
The perfect child who is everyone’s dream girl.
Xu Yue Ding Lan Philosophy studies graduate of Shi Fan University. Employee of a Public Relations company.
A genius role model student who’s also a perfectionist.
Chen Xiao Yun Jin Xiaoni Design graduate of Lin Ye University. Interior designer.
A girl who prioritizes romance above all else.
Wang Xiu Zhu Yu Hui Chinese studies graduate of Shi Fan University. CEO of Zhihui Publishing Company, movie script writer.
An ambitious woman, with a strong desire to succeed.


People around Xiang Zhen[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Xu Yang Zhao Cong Computer science graduate of Shi Fan University. An IT expert. Xiang Zhen's first love.
Liu Shuai Liang Zhuang Yi An assistant lawyer. Xiang Zhen's second boyfriend.
Wang Yang Guan Shan Boss of Infinite Space, investor of e-commerce startups. Xiang Zhen's third boyfriend.
Zhao Ming Li Qiao Anan Chief Editor of Beauty magazine. Manager of Jiujiu company.
Wu Yi Tong Qi Yuanzi Chief Editor of Beauty magazine.
Ma Jie Xiang Zhen's father. Boss of a steamboat restaurant.
Zang Qian Xiang Zhen's mother.
Yu Chun Zhuang Yi's father.
Pan Jie Zhuang Yi's mother.

People around Qian Beibei[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Zheng Jia Lin Cheng Yu Engineering graduate. Employee of a new media company and investment company. Qian Beibei's first boyfriend.
Gao Tai Yu Shen Yan Economics graduate of Shi Fan University. Boss of an entrepreneurial start-up company. Qian Beibei's second boyfriend.
Su Xin Jin Xin Year four student of Shi Fan University; member of Basketball team. Employee of a merchant export company. Qian Beibei's admirer.
Li Fei Yang Yang Jianjun Shen Yan's classmate and business partner.
Chen Bi Ge Fei Wenwen Shen Yan's business partner.
Zhao Yuan Yuan Xia Mo A talented girl who is good in drawing.
Zhang Duo Zhou Danmo Art exhibition curator.
Zhao Yan Song Qian Beibei's father. Chief manager of a bank.
Yang Ping Qian Beibei's mother.

People around Ding Lan[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Liu Dong Qin Gao Yuan Philosophy studies graduate of Shi Fan University. Ding Lan's first love.
Du Wei Han Zeng Haiming Script writer of a territorial broadcast network. Ding Lan's second boyfriend.
Fan Wei Luo Su A freelancer photographer. Ding Lan's third boyfriend.
Ren Zhong Liu Yiming An auctioneer. Ding Lan's husband.
Yao Lan Ding Lan's father.
Sun Yan CEO Huang Ding Lan's boss.
Wang Hui Gao Yuan's father.
Zhang Li Gao Yuan's mother.

People around Jin Xiaoni[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Li Tai Yu Fan Editor of a publishing company. Jin Xiaoni's boyfriend in her university days.
Chen Ye Lin Bai Lang A fitness coach. Jin Xiaoni's second boyfriend.
Zhou Shuai Song Yi Manager of a pharmaceutical sales company. Jin Xiaoni's husband.

People around Yu Hui[edit]

Actor Role Notes
Qi Jie Lin Sen A film producer. Yu Hui's boyfriend.
Jin Yu Bo Xu Yi An investments manager. Yu Hui's friend.


  • To The Beloved Us (致亲爱的我们) by Hua Xia
  • Dust in the Burning Flames (烟火里的尘埃) by Hua Chenyu
  • Fall in Love at First Sight (一见钟情) by Liu Hancong
  • We Missed Each Other (我错过你错过我) by Hua Xia
  • A Guitar Tune for the Lady (弹给姑娘的吉他) by Hua Xia & Liu Hancong


The drama was filmed from May 2018 to October 2018; at various countries such as China, France, Japan and Germany.

Production Credits[edit]

  • Director: Zhao Bao Gang
  • Screenwriters: Zhao Bao Gang
  • Producers: Wang Yi (王驛), Li Hong Li (李鴻立)
  • Company: Beijing Xinbaoyuan Movie & TV Investment

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