Zui Hou Zhen Duan

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Zui Hou Zhen Duan


  • Name: 最后诊断 / Zui Hou Zhen Duan
  • Also known as: Final Diagnosis
  • Genre: Medical drama, ethics, suspense, romance
  • Episodes: 20 / 24
  • Broadcast network: BTV-4
  • Broadcast period: 2004-Aug-29 start
  • Ending theme song: Xin Ji (心机) Scheme by Man Wen Jun


The arrival of Shen Zhi Yu, a confident and highly skilled neurosurgeon with overseas training, evokes jealousy from Assistant Director of Neurosurgery Ma Pei De. Unable to accept losing his promotion or the affection of resident physician Ye Ru Qin, the daughter of his teacher and the hospital's director Ye Nan Shan, to someone he sees as a mere upstart, Dr. Ma purposefully switches the medications of Tian Da Yu, one of Dr. Shen's post-op patients, resulting in Da Yu's death. Although the Board of Medical Directors determines that the surgery was without flaw, Dr. Shen cannot help but feel extremely guilty and falls into a state of depression. At first Hao Min, the patient's fiancée, blames Dr. Shen for what happened, but gradually her instincts as a woman and police officer tell her that Dr. Shen is a good physician whose skills are needed to save those who are suffering - her words of encouragement help Dr. Shen get back on his feet, and the two of them develop feelings for each other. At around the same time, Dr. Shen's suspicions about the true cause of Da Yu's death grow stronger, and he's almost certain that the head nurse, Du Juan, knows more than she's letting on. Meanwhile, with his moral compass already astray, Dr. Ma will stop at nothing to cover up and perpetuate his evil deeds.

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