A Dream Back to the Qing Dynasty

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A Dream Back to the Qing Dynasty


  • Title: 梦回大清 / Meng Hui Da Qing
  • English title: A Dream Back to the Qing Dynasty
  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Time-travel
  • Episodes: 55
  • Broadcast network:
  • Broadcast period: 2019


Ming Wei has the ability to travel through time to the Qing dynasty, under Kang Xi's reign. She catches the attention of the princes and gets entangled in a romance with the 13th prince, the only follower of the 4th prince and future emperor.


Production Credits[edit]

  • Original Writing: Meng Hui Da Qing (梦回大清) by Jin Zi (金子)
  • Director: Lee Kwok Lap (李国立)
  • Screenwriters: Wang Li Zhi (王莉之)
  • Producers: Karen Tsoi (蔡艺侬), Li Er Yun (李尔云)
  • Company: Tangren Media

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