A Touch Of Green

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A Touch of Green


  • Title: 一把青 / Yi Ba Qing
  • English title: A Touch of Green
  • Genre: Period
  • Episodes: 31
  • Broadcast network: PTS, LineTV
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-19 to 2016-Apr-02
  • Air time: Saturday 21:00 (two episode continuously)
  • Opening theme song: Kan Dan (看淡) As It Is by Hebe Tian
  • Ending theme song: Tian Shang De Nan Ren, Di Shang De Nv Ren (天上的男人,地上的女人) Men Over Clouds, Women on Earth by Yoga Lin
  • Insert songs:
    • Zui Gao De Di Fang (最高的地方) The Tallest Place by Selina Ren
    • Dong Shan Yi Ba Qing (東山一把青) A Touch of Green at Dongshan by Where Chou
    • Xi Zi Gu Niang (西子姑娘) A West Girl by Where Chou


The drama tells the story of air force pilots and their families from 1945 to 1971. As the husbands embarked on patriotic missions to fight against the enemies, their families must content with horror of wars, mass emigration to distant land, and death of love ones. Their shared experience brought the military families together to support one another.

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Production Credits[edit]

  • Original writing (novel): A Touch of Green (一把青) by Pai Hsien-yung
  • Production Company: Taipei Film Co, Ltd (台北創造電影有限公司)
  • Director: Cao Rui Yuan 曹瑞原
  • Screenwriter: Huang Shi Ming (黃世鳴)

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