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From 1974's Akai Meiro (『赤い迷路』) to 1980's Akai Shisen (『赤い死線』), the Akai ("Red") series had 10 parts. Shown as the Akai Series 2005 last year, the remakes Akai Giwaku in June starring Ishihara Satomi and Akai Unmei in the fall season starring Ayase Haruka have received much acclaim. Hence this spring, Akai Kiseki will be broadcast as the 11th part in the series.

Akai Kiseki revolves around the basic plot of a star in the female figure-skating world who falls in love with a youth who had killed someone in the past, and portrays various trials and tribulations these star-crossed lovers have to go through to pursue their forbidden love. With the theme that "it is possible to illuminate one's life based on one's efforts," we launch this fresh modern installment of the Akai series.

Fukada Kyoko is trying out figure-skating for the first time in this show, and be sure not to miss scenes where she appears in the skating costumes and gorgeous clothes.

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