Ban Shu Chuan Qi

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Ban Shu Chuan Qi


  • Title: 班淑傳奇 / Ban Shu Chuan Qi
  • English Title: Ban Shu Legend
  • Genre: Period drama
  • Episodes: 42
  • Broadcast network: QQ
  • Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-16
  • Theme song: Xing Shang ren (心上人) by Jing Tian


Ban Shu, a girl who grew up in the west frontier, traveled to the Han capital to meet her father, but he died before they could be reunited and his family did not approve of her non-Han ways. In order to be accepted by her father's family, she entered the palace to learn noble lady etiquette and was hired to be a royal teacher. Her lack of understanding for the Chinese culture caused a stream of comedic ruckus in class, but at the same time her outgoing and unconventional ways broke up the dullness of learning. At the palace she met and fell in love with her co-worker -Wei Ying, a man who still grieved for the lost of his fiancé.



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