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Chinese Paladin 3


  • Title: 仙剑奇侠传三 / Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan San
  • English title: Chinese Paladin 3
  • Also known as: 仙剑奇侠传之灵珠神剑 / Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan Zhi Ling Zhu Shen Jian
  • Genre: Xianxia, xuanhuan, adventure, romance
  • Episodes: 37
  • Broadcast network: Taizhou Broadcasting Station
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Jul-01 to 2009-Jul-20
  • Air time: Daily 19:30 - 21:30 (2 episodes back to back)
  • Original soundtrack: Chinese Paladin 3 OST
  • Related TV series: Chinese Paladin (disambiguation)


This is a prequel to "Chinese Paladin" and takes place 50 years earlier.

Jing Tian is a mischievous pawnshop assistant who, because of the power of a mystical jade, crosses paths with the spoiled and sassy Tang Xue Jian. Xue Jian is the beloved granddaughter of Tang Manor's Tang Kun, who meets with danger when an evil cult tries to take over control of the Tang Manor. Xu Chang Qing, the eldest disciple of Mt Shu Sect aids the pair in defeating the cult and rescuing the Tang Manor. Meanwhile, Chong Lou, ruler of the evil world, breaks into Mt Shu's Demon Pagoda to retrieve a magical sword. He passes the sword to Jing Tian, claiming that it belonged to latter when he was a deity in his past life and forces Jing Tian to battle with him. The 5 elders of Mt Shu Sect call upon Jing Tian and Chang Qing to attain 5 mystical pearls to seal up Suo Ya Pagoda and destroy a powerful force of evil so as to save the world from destruction. Together with Xue Jian, the group set off to accomplish their mission. On the way, they overcome various obstacles and must solve mysteries pertaining to their pasts...

Long Kui, a 1000 year old ghost emerges from the magical sword Jing Tian possessed. She claimed to be the princess of Jiang, and that he is her beloved brother. Later, Jing Tian realizes that Long Kui is telling the truth so she journeys with them. Next, Xu Chang Qing meets Zi Xuan, a 200 year old descendant of the Nuwa goddess. Chang Qing discovers his memory of her was sealed and she was in fact the love of his life in two lifetimes. Struggling to deal with his feelings and carrying the burden to save the world, he initially rejects her. Jing Tian also comes to realise he was Fei Peng (2,000 years ago) and Long Yang (1,000 years ago). Xue Jian also finds out that she was originally a fruit created by Xi Yao, a goddess who guards the fruit tree in the heavenly realm. It blooms a flower in 500 years and grows a fruit in 1,000 years. Eventually, the Immortal Evil Sword Spirit takes over the world, and is in control of all 6 realms making him close to impossible to defeat. Jing Tian combines powers with everyone, along with Chang Qing to defeat him. Long Kui sacrificed herself by sealing her spirit into the sword to strengthen it.

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Employee of Yong'an Pawn Shop. A carefree and loyal man who loves antiques and aims to become rich. However what he desires the most is freedom. He looks up to Shushan Mountain and dreams of becoming an immortal swordsman. Reincarnation of Fei Peng, a powerful general of the Heaven realm and Long Yang, the crown prince of Jiang kingdom.
Senior disciple of Shu Shan Mountain. A highly skilled swordsman who take the world as one's own duty. He and Zixuan are lovers for three lifetimes. Gu Liufang (a wandering swordsman) and Lin Yeping (leader of Sect Xuanmen in Chang'an) are his previous reincarnations.
Mistress of Tang Manor. A spoilt and sassy girl who is kind at heart. She is a fruit spirit created by Xi Yao, protector of the immortal tree in the heaven realm and Fei Peng's confidante, to accompany Fei Peng in his mortal journey.
Princess of Jiang Kingdom. Long Yang's younger sister. She has been sealed in the demonic sword for a thousand years, waiting to be reunited with her brother. Due to being trapped within the demon tower for so long, she has developed two personalities - red (feisty) and blue (innocent). She is extremely protective of her brother and would do anything for him.
Descendant of Nuwa. She has been deeply in love with Xu Changqing for three lifetimes.
The Demon King. He treats Fei Peng as his only true rival, and constantly searches for him to battle with him. His selfish and self-centered way of acting inadvertently left a huge impact on the mortal realm. After Zi Xuan stole his heart, he fell in love with her and begin to understand the true love of mortals.
Jing Tian's close friend and childhood playmate. An employee of Yongan Pawn Shop. He is loyal toward Jing Tian.
A five-poison immortal beast who can cure all kinds of poison. Her real form is a potato. She is loyal toward her owner Xue Jian.
An immortal being that exists outside the six realms, who absorbs evil energy and is invincible.
A mysterious woman who assists the descendants of Nuwa. Her ultimate goal is to help Zi Xuan pass her love trial.
An ancient vine demon who possesses the Earth Spirit Rock.
An immortal beast who evolved into a human. A mischievous monkey spurt who loves to play pranks and steal. He helped snatch back the Earth Spirit Rock from Luo Rulie and died in the process.
A fox demon who wants to steal the Earth Spirit Rock to save her husband.
Ruler of the Paradise World. She uses the Fire Spirit Rock to maintain her youthful looks.
A mortal working at the Paradise World. A scheming and lecherous man, who lusts for Xue Jian.
Son of the Minister of Lei Continent. He possesses great thunder power due to possessing the Thunder Spirit Rock in his body, and is able to annihilate demons.
Subordinate of the Demon King (Chong Lou). Under his cold appearance lies a heart wounded by love.
A deity who guards the Heavenly River. She was attracted by Xi Feng's singing voice and comes to the Mortal realm. She possesses the Water Spirit Rock.
Ruler of Demons. He has been trapped in the Demon tower for three hounded years, and resents humans.
Yu Zhou
Jing Tian's helper. An employee of Yongan Pawn Shop. He is realistic and calculative, but is kind at heart.
Boss of Yongan Pawn Shop. A petty man who constantly takes advantage of Jing Tian.
Employee of Yongan Pawn Shop. He is knowledgeable in examining ancient artifacts and is Jing Tian's first teacher.
Leader of Pili Hall. He works with Tang Yi to destroy the Tang sect.
Tang manor
Sect leader of Tang Manor. Xue Jian's grandfather.
Third Uncle of Xue Jian. Tang Kun's subordinate. He betrayed Tang Kun after he died and chased Xue Jian out.
Step-son of Tang Kun. He grew resentful thinking he was shafted due to his lowly status, and works with Luo Rulie to destroy Tang sect.
Second mistress of Tang manor. She resents Xue Jian.
Shu Shan sect

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