Cousin Ji Xiang

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Cousin Ji Xiang


  • Title: 表妹吉祥 / Biao Mei Ji Xiang
  • Also known as: Cousin Ji Xiang / 老房有喜 (Lao Fang You Xi) / Old House Has Joy
  • Genre: Romance, drama
  • Episodes: 25
  • Broadcast year: 1999


Xiao Peng follows his grandpa's instructions to claim back their estate, the property in which Ji Xiang lives in. But instead of completing his duty, he falls head over heels for the beautiful and kind-hearted Ji Xiang. As their feelings deepened, the inevitable happened: Xiao Peng's arranged fiance comes. Soon, one obstacle stumbles upon another. And a great shock greets them: Xiao Peng and Ji Xiang are cousins...

Entertwined within the youthful romance is a forbidden love between Su San and Li Mei, whose families are adversaries. Will they overcome their impediment? And how are they related to Xiao Peng and Ji Xiang?

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