Curse of the Royal Harem

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Curse of the Royal Harem


  • Title: 萬凰之王 / 万凰之王
  • Cantonese/Mandarin title: Maan Wong Chi Wong / Wan Huang Zhi Wang
  • English title: The King Among the Phoenix
  • Genre: Historical fiction
  • Episodes: 30
  • Broadcast network: TVB
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Oct-31 to 2011-Dec-04
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30-21:30


Niuhuru Yee-Lan is a girl who was married to Wu Qin Wang. He had went to war but his body was never found, and he was presumed dead. Empress Dowager Wang didn't take it in, and thought that Yee-Lan was a curse to Wu Qin Wang (Who was Empress Dowager Wang's son) so Empress Dowager Wang had her sentenced to death. Yuen Yuen, soon to be Empress, also wanted Yee-Lan to die because Emperor Dao Guang loves Yee-Lan. Emperor Dao Guang, knowing of this, rushed to save Yee-Lan during Yuen Yuen's coronation. To protect Yee-Lan, Emperor Dao Guang made her his Consort. She entered the Harem and soon realized treachery, sinister plots in the Harem. She soon realizes that everyone wanted to be Wan Huang Zhi Wang, and became dragged into the battle.

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