Dondo Bare

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Dondo Bare


  • Title: どんど晴れ
  • Title (romaji): Dondo Bare
  • Also known as: Dondo Hare
  • Genre: Family drama
  • Episodes: 156 (15 mins. each)
  • Viewership rating: 14.9 (1st), 19.4 (avg), 24.8 (peek)
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Apr-2 to 2007-Sep-29
  • Air time: Monday through Saturday at 8:15
  • Theme song: Daijobu by Oda Kazumaza


The 76th NHK Asadora is Dondobare. Locations include Morioka, Iwate. Natsumi is the 23-year-old daughter of a master baker in Yokohama and in training with her father to become a pastry chef. She lives with her parents and younger brother in Yokohama. One day she travels to Iwate Prefecture with her boyfriend Masaki for his grandmother Katsuno's 77th birthday. While they are there, Katsuno, head okami of a famous ryokan in Morioka City, becomes ill and asks Masaki to return to run the ryokan. Natsumi returns to Yokohama and later Masaki visits, asking her to disregard their earlier plans to get married because he will return to Morioka as requested by Katsuno. However, Natsumi surprises him with a vow to become the ryokan's okami. Is Natsumi in for clear skies as suggested by the series name? ---groink

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Asakura Family - Yokohama

Ryokan Inn "Kagami Inn"


Other Residents of Kagami Inn

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  • Manami was chosen by Zashiki Warashi, out of 2,156 applicants.
  • The title, Dondo Bare, means happy-ending in the local Iwate dialect. Hare is also a homonym with the Japanese word for "a clear sky", and Dondo Bare also signifies perfect blue skies above Mt. Iwate.

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