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  • Title: ちりとてちん
  • Title (romaji): Chiritotechin
  • Title (English): Life's Like a Comedy


  • Episodes: 151 (15 mins. each)
  • Genre: Family drama
  • Ratings: 1st=17.1, high=18.8, avg=17.0 (All Kanto #s)
  • Air time: Monday through Saturday at 8:15
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Oct-1 to 2008-Mar-29


The 77th NHK Asadora is Chiritotechin. Location includes Fukui prefecture. This renzoku is about Wada Kiyomi (referred to as Kiyomi-B), a girl brought up in Fukui who moves to Osaka in search of her soul. In Osaka, Kiyomi-B becomes enchanted with rakugo, a Japanese traditional form of comic storytelling, and pursues a career in rakugo. In the summer of 1982, Kiyomi-B and her family move to Obama of Fukui, her father's hometown. Kiyomi-B's grandmother and uncle welcome the family, but Shotaro the grandfather does not allow Masanori to take over the Wakasa lacquer chopsticks making. One day, Kiyomi-B listens to rakugo at Shotaro's factory and becomes fond of it. Shotaro and Kiyomi-B become close through rakugo. --groink

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Throughout the series, NHK documentation refer to the two Wada Kiyomi's as Kiyomi-A and Kiyomi-B (different kana, but same romaji.)

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Chiritotechin Gaiden Maigo 3 Kyodai[edit]

  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Broadcast date: 2008-Jul-25


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