Deletion policy

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The DramaWiki deletion policy decribes how content gets removed from DramaWiki if it does not meet the relevant criteria. In contrast to page blanking, which can be performed by any editor, deletion can be performed only by administrators. Admins can also view deleted pages and undelete pages.

General Reasons for Deletion

Reasons for deletion include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Vandalism (refer to WP:VANDAL for a definition)
  • Advertising or other spam without relevant content
  • Articles which contain unreliable or wrong information
  • Images that are redundant, obsolete, or don't comply to the image style guide
  • Redundant or otherwise useless templates
  • Empty or underpopulated categories
  • Inappropriate user pages and talk pages
  • Any other content not suitable for DramaWiki

Deletion Procedure

Editors may mark content for deletion by using special maintenance templates. Only unused content should be marked and it is advised to add a reason for deletion, either on the corresponding talk page or within the deletion template. By marking the page (or image) it will be listed in an appropriate maintenance section. Admins will check these sections frequently and will delete the content if all conditions are met.

Speedy Deletion

At the moment we don't really distinguish between normal and speedy deletion like Wikipedia does for example. If usure whether a page should be deleted or not an editor may discuss this on the corresponding talk page, or contact the original author (or uploader) or ask for help in the forum.

Articles for Deletion

Use the {{deletebecause}} template to mark articles for deletion. Please give a valid reason for the deletion. A Reason could be for example:

  • Vandalism or spam
  • No relation to drama (e.g. article is about a movie or music group)
  • Article is just a testpage or mistakenly saved text
  • Unnecessary duplication of existing webcontent
  • Deletion requested by author (e.g. for userpages)

Images for Deletion

Add the {{deleteimage}} template to the image description to request deletion. Make sure the image isn't used on any pages. (Click on the image and check the "Image links" section.) Possible reasons for deletion could be:

  • Unrelated to drama (e.g. spam, offensive or random images)
  • Corrupt or empty image
  • Redundant image (e.g. similar image already exists)
  • Image with logo or watermark (e.g. copyrighted images)
  • Low quality - The image is of an extremely low resolution, distorted, or has other physical image quality concerns.
  • Unused - An image that hasn't been used on any page for some longer time.

Redirects for Deletion

Put a {{deleteredirect}} template above or in front of the redirection link and give a valid reason. Note that in many cases redirects should be kept because they are not articles but serve as a navigation help. Exceptions for deletion are:

  • Redirect to deleted, nonexistent or invalid targets
  • Cross-namespace redirect (e.g. redirects to the Talk:, User: or User talk: namespace from the article space)
  • Misspelled redirect (may also include wrong romanization if uncommon)
  • Unrelated redirect (e.g. a redirect called 'hate' which links to 'love')

Userpages for Deletion

Personal user pages and subpages can be marked for deletion just like regular articles. Candidates for deletion are:

  • Own user pages
  • Pages of nonexistent users
  • Pages of users with no contributions

Talkpages for Deletion

Talkpages should be marked for deletion just like regular articles if the corresponding article does not exist anymore, or if it is the result of vandalism.

Alternatives to Deletion

Often it is not necessary to delete a page if it can be improved by further editing. Pages of poor quality can be marked for clean up by adding the {{cleanup}} template. Short or otherwise incomplete pages should rather be marked as a stub. Pages with an incorrect name can be renamed using the move feature. If the contents of a page should have been placed on a different page you can "merge" the contents into the existing page and then create a redirect.

Access to deleted pages

Deleted pages can no longer be generally viewed, but temporarily remain archived in the DramaWiki database. On request administrators can undelete pages. Note that deleted images cannot be restored, only their descriptions and talkpages can.

Guide for Administrators

The pages/images/redirects that were marked for deletion are listed in Category:Pages for deletion, Category:Images for deletion and Category:Redirects for deletion respectively. Select a listed item and follow the steps given below to delete an article.

  1. Make sure no other page is linking to the article. Links from user pages may be ignored.
  2. Check the article's talk page to see if there are any objections
  3. Look at the page history if some valueable information can be salvaged
  4. Specify the deletion reason in the deletion summary.
  5. Don't forget to delete the corresponding talk page if it exists.