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Stub categories are lists of stub articles belonging to the same topic. Sorting stubs by category should make it easier for DramaWiki editors to find articles they want to expand. Often wiki editors want to expand articles in specific categories only and would be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of unsorted stub articles. However new stub categories should only be created if there is a chance that enough articles fall into that category. See below how stubs are categorized and which stub categories already exist.

Please do not list an article as a stub if tags like {{nosynopsis}}, {{nocast}}, etc... are more appropriate.

Categorizing stubs

By tagging wikipages with special stub templates articles are sorted into appropriate stub categories. For each stub category a special template has to be created. With this approach you can merge small categories and split big categories just by changing the appropriate template. For example you can put KDirector stubs, KProducer stubs and KWriter stubs in separate stub categories or in one big "Korean production crew stub" category. This is achieved just by changing the three stub templates.

List of stub categories

This is the list of the existing stub categories and the associated stub templates. More categories will be created if needed. Please propose new categories on the talk page or in the wanted list.

Drama stubs

Drama cast stubs

Production crew stubs

Unsorted stubs

Wanted stub categories

Please propose new stub categories on the talk page and list them here.

  • currently none

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