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Main cast and characters of Dreams Link


  • Title: 又见一帘幽梦 / You Jian Yi Lian You Meng
  • English title: Dreams Link
  • Also known as: [New] Dream Behind the Curtain
  • Genre: Romance, drama
  • Episodes: 46
  • Broadcast network: Hunan TV / CTS
  • Broadcast period: 2007-Jun-30 to 2007-Jul-28 / 2007-Jul-11 to 2007-Aug-09
  • Air time: 2 episodes nightly (except Friday) starting at 21:00 / 20:00
  • Opening theme song: Yi Lian You Meng by Tong En
  • Ending theme song: Zhe Zhong Gan Jue Jiu Shi Ai by Zhang Jia Ni
  • Insert songs: See Dreams Link OST


Zi Ling is a dreamer who has always been overshadowed by her perfect older sister Lu Ping. For a long time, she's secretly been in love with Chu Lian, who also happens to be Lu Ping's boyfriend. Lu Ping is busy with her own dream of becoming a successful professional dancer and has little time for Chu Lian. Conflict arises when Chu Lian realizes that the one he truly loves is Zi Ling. An unfortunate accident forces a guilt-ridden Chu Lian to enter an unhappy marriage with Lu Ping, but he is unable to forget Zi Ling. Fei Yun Fan is a mysterious, wealthy, and much older man who loves Zi Ling with all his heart. Hoping to move on with her life, Zi Ling gradually reciprocates Fei Yun Fan's affection. -- Lady Zhuge

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