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Synopsis - Episode 1[edit]

  • Note: Japanese names are commonly on a last name-first name basis compared to first name-last name in the West.

The drama begins just before Aya is struck with a tragic illness, called Spinocerebellar Degeneration, in which the nerve cells of areas necessary for the human body to move and balance - including the cerebellum, brain stem, and spinal cord - are destroyed with time.

15-year-old Ikeuchi Aya is the eldest daughter of a typical Japanese family. She lives with her cheerful and reliable mother, ; father, Mizuo, owner of a tofu shop; younger sisters Ako and Rika, and younger brother Hiroki.

On the day of her high school entrance exam, Aya is full of energy as she leaves the house. However, she falls asleep on the bus and misses her stop. She hurriedly gets off and starts running, then trips and injures her knee. That's when she meets Aso Haruto, who was planning to skip the exam. As it started to rain, he gives her a ride on his bicycle to school where the exam will be given. Aya is allowed to take the exam in the school nurse's office, and manages to pass.

When the new semester begins, Aya is elected class rep, and joins the basketball team. On the boys team is someone she's had eyes for, which add to the things she look forward to.

Amidst her happy days at school, Aya begins to experience physical difficulties. She often drops food from her chopsticks while eating, can't pour drinks without spilling it, and occasionally wobbles while she walks. Aya's mother Shioka, a former nurse, is the only person who notices these changes.

One day, Aya is about to leave home as usual when she starts to run, trips over her own feet and falls. She failed to use her hand to break the fall, causing her to land on her face and making her bleed heavily. This injury soon reveals the existence of Aya's fateful disease... -- Fuji TV

Synopsis - Episode 2[edit]

Aya's mother Shioka is thinking about what Dr. Mizuno, the neurologist doctor treating her daughter's illness, told her on the last visit as she goes to pick up Aya's medicine prescription from the hospital. She goes to see Dr. Mizuno to ask him for the MRI scans so she can see other doctors for a second opinion.

At school, Aya is enjoying herself with her friends Sugiura Mari and Matsumura Saki as they eat lunch and later talk about the school song. They ask Tomita-san, the girl who likes Haruto, to play the piano for their chorus but she only agrees when Haruto tells her to. Meanwhile, Shioka is researching Aya's illness and is finding out the effects the disease will have on Aya. In gym class, Aya is chosen to participate in next week's basketball game with Kita High and is encouraged by Kawamoto-senpai, her school crush.

Shioka is visiting other doctor's hoping to find a better explanation or a cure but to no avail. At home, the family is viewing the photo album and are acting happily as Aya tells them she is playing in a basketball game next week. Everyone agrees on showing their support for her.

In the Aso household, Dr. Aso is telling Haruto of his expectation for him to do well in the upcoming exams, but Haruto retreats into his room where he recalls a childhood memory of a conversation between him and his deceased older brother Keisuke on their camping/fishing trip.

At home, Shioka is a little startled when Ako finds her reading late at night. The next day, Aya is visiting a doctor about her injury and meets a little girl named Yuka. They play ball while Yuka is waiting for her dad's exam to finish. Aya feels strange when Yuka mentions her dad getting a similar injury on his chin. Aya leaves before she sees Yuka's father.

While leaving a patient's house, Shioka notices a book that fell out of her bag and goes off to do more research. In the park, Aya meets and talks with Haruto again when she drops by to see the stray puppy from last time.

Shioka comes home only to drive off again to meet with a doctor specialising in the spinocerebellar atrophy disease. Meanwhile, Ako asks Aya if she is diseased because she is losing weight without dieting. Shioka meets with Dr. Miyamoto Shintaro to talk about a possible cure or operation for Aya but again she finds no solution. She returns home to tell Mizuo about Aya's disease.

The next day, Shioka and Mizuo persuade everyone to go support Aya at her basketball match. At the game, Aya's parents try to put on brave faces as they watch Aya play. Haruto and his friends Onda Kouhei and Nakahara are also there watching. After the game, Aya walks with Kawamoto-senpai and is reminded of a past memory they shared.

Later at night, Aya returns to the park to feed the stray puppy but walks off when Haruto arrives with the same intention. He persuades her to adopt the puppy. Aya brings the puppy home and Haruto is invited to join the Ikeuchi's for dinner.

The next day, Shioka and Mizuo visit Dr. Mizuno together to talk about Aya's disease. At school, Aya is conducting the music lesson.

Later at the clinic, Aya is told by Dr. Mizuno that she will need to start rehabilitation. While Shioka continues talking to Dr. Mizuno, Aya helps Yuka with the taking the groceries to Yuka's father's room. On the way home, Aya questions her mother about her illness.

Synopsis - Episode 3[edit]

Aya is practicing in gym class and recalls asking her mother Shioka about her illness. At home, Shioka and Mizuo contemplate about letting Aya know the truth about her disease. At school, Aya is conducting the music lesson again.

At the clinic, Shioka asks Dr. Mizuno not to tell Aya of her disease just yet. In the school hallway, Aya gives Haruto a disc so he can practice the class song properly. She experiences blurriness in her vision again and drops her music sheets.

At home, the family is eating and Ako asks her father to go shopping with her on Sunday but he teasingly turns her down while Shioka tells Aya to let someone walk with her whenever she wants to go out.

After gym class, Kawamoto-senpai asks Aya to go on a date with him to shop for shoes. He buys her matching shoe laces. On their way, Aya fails to move out of the way and is knocked over when some kids are running her way.

Haruto is obligated to attend a memorial for his brother Keisuke at a family reunion and is defiant over a discussion he overhears regarding the future and university. He goes outside to listen to his MD and recalls another memory of his brother when his father, Dr. Aso, scolds him.

Meanwhile, Aya and Rika are playing with Ganmo, the stray pup now adopted, when Mizuo suggests going out as Ako gets upset because he refused to go shopping with her. Aya lies about going out with Mari and heads with a bunch of flowers to visit the hospital. She bumps into Dr. Aso and they talk a while.

Aya goes to visit Yuka and her father and questions Yuka's mother about her husband's illness. Aya decides to see Dr. Mizuno, who is off duty, and looks for him to talk elsewhere from the hospital.

In music class, Aya is spacing out and the class doesn't perform well. She drops her music sheets again. The class notice Haruto, the male class rep, is not there. Aya finds him in the biology club. Haruto upsets Aya as they talk.

At Jhunon hospital, Dr. Mizuno is looking after Yuka's father and recalls the voice of a former patient of his. At the Ikeuchi household, Mizuo finds Shioka in Aya's room frantically looking through her diary. Ako returns home to be ignored by her mother when she tries to show her award painting.

Aya is late and the family is worried. Ako gets irritated by the family constantly giving their attention to Aya and says something out of line to which Shioka slaps her. Aya is at school, looking up the illness of Yuka's father. Haruto happens to come by as Aya challenges his actions from his words earlier.

Haruto returns home to be questioned by his father over his relationship with Aya. Aya returns home, lying about her whereabouts. The next day, the class are practicing before the big vocal contest. Aya directs the class more confidently. Haruto approaches her challenging Aya's words from last night.

The family prepare to go see Aya perform when Dr. Mizuno makes a house visit. Shioka talks to him alone in the house as he tells her of a past experience with a former patient with the same illness. He tries to persuade Shioka to inform Aya of her disease.

Shioka joins an emotional Mizuo in watching Aya perform. After the contest, Haruto returns to the biology lab and recalls Aya's words from last night and decides to find out what she was looking at on the computer. At the clinic, Dr. Mizuno is about to tell Aya about her illness when she shocks them with her knowledge instead.

Synopsis - Episode 4[edit]

Aya and her parent's take a taxi home from the clinic as she recalls the truth about her illness. The three of them decide to hide it from the other children as Aya heads to her room in a daze. At dinner, Shioka goes to see Aya in her room. Aya tells her mother she will be strong as Shioka tries to give her hope. However, both break into tears. Shioka questions Mizuo whether it was a good idea to tell Aya the truth but Mizuo reassures her.

The next day, the other kids question Aya's behavior as the parents worry but Aya acts cheerfully instead. On the way to school, Aya contemplates how her world has changed forever. In class, Haruto stares at Aya as he remembers their last encounter in the biology lab when Tomita approaches him.

In gym class, Aya is feeling more physical difficulty and is replaced by Mari on the team. Shioka is visiting Dr. Mizuno again to update on Aya's condition. At night, Aya is writing in her diary about her illness.

The next day in class, Mari tells the other girls she is dating Kouhei Onda, Haruto's best friend, while they question Aya about asking Kawamoto-senpai to the fireworks display. He just so happens to come by to invite Aya for the occasion. Aya agrees. At home, Aya tells her mother about being asked out by Kawamoto-senpai and asks how she should reject him. Shioka encourages Aya to go. Ako catches Aya blushing as she looks at her calendar in their bedroom.

On the fireworks night, Shioka fixes up Aya's yukata as she heads out to meet Kawamoto-tachi. Ako goes too, but without a yukata. Aya and Kawamoto-senpai are dubbed the new 'basketball couple' as Haruto spots them from far behind. As they cross a street, Aya's body fail to move again and she falls forward, striking her head on the cement. She is taken to hospital immediately.

Dr. Mizuno talks to the Ikeuchi's about Aya's condition again. At home, the children, especially Ako, are becoming suspicious over Aya's behavior. Mizuo goes off privately and cries over the situation. In the hospital, Dr. Mizuno introduces Aya to Dr. Tanabe, her new rehabilitation doctor. Mizuno and Tanabe walk off talking about Aya knowing of her condition.

At school, the homeroom teacher tells the PE class about Aya being hospitalized as Mari and Saki decide to visit Aya. Kawamoto-senpai's friend tells him he chose the wrong girl to like. At home, Ako reluctantly agrees to help her fatherout at the store while Shioka goes to see Aya.

At the hospital, Aya's friends come to visit her and bring her gifts. As the classmates leave, they talk about Haruto not coming and Tomita reveals how Haruto lost his onii-san Keisuke. Later, Ako takes Ganmo the pup out for a walk and runs into Haruto.

Kawamoto-senpai decides to visit Aya in hospital and sees her during her rehabilitation session. Aya apologizes for causing trouble for him as Dr. Mizuno gives Aya permission to go out on her senpai's birthday. Senpai doesn't look very happy. Later, Aya is having more tests done on her condition. Haruto makes a surprise visit to see Aya at the hospital. The two go out on the roof to talk.

As Haruto leaves the hospital, he observes Dr. Mizuno and decides to do some research. At school, Haruto overhears how Kawamoto-senpai plans to dump Aya. Aya is preparing to go out on her date with Kawamoto-senpai as Haruto is heading to the hospital to see her. Dr. Tanabe tells him that Aya already left for her date. Haruto runs out after her.

Meanwhile, Aya is standing in the heavy rain outside the Zoo as Haruto arrives with an umbrella. He tells her that senpai won't be coming. She thanks him, and he brushes it off by talking about penguins instead.

Synopsis - Episode 5[edit]

In hospital, Aya is feeling down when Dr. Tanabe and Dr. Mizuno tell her she only needs two more injections before she can be released. Aya is pessimistic about any improvement. At school, Shioka is talking to the homeroom teacher about Aya's illness and as he promises the classes' support and guidance for Aya.

Shioka makes a quick visit to the gym and reminisces how Aya used to play so well. Haruto has a quick talk with her before Kawamoto-senpai and his friend walk past. Haruto mentions to Kawamoto-senpai how Aya waited so long in the rain for him.

Shioka is visiting Dr. Mizuno again as he suggest applying for the disability card for Aya. Shioka is against the idea but takes the form with her anyway. In the hospital room, Ako is helping to pack Aya's things for her. On the way out, Ako sees the way Aya is walking and feels something is very wrong. Aya is welcomed warmly back at home but even Ako who pretends to be normal feels indifferent.

Shioka promises to buy Hiroki a new pair of soccer shoes. When the kids leave, Shioka tries to tell Mizuo about applying for the disability card to Mizuo's outrage.

The next day, Aya is taking a taxi to school. Ako voices her concern over the situation but the parents play down the situation again. Meanwhile, Mari and Saki are waiting at the school gate for Aya. Haruto arrives just in time to watch Aya walk unsteadily past the gates.

In class, the homeroom teacher tells the class about Aya's condition and to help her out but Aya feels uncomfortable about it already. At Shioka's workplace, a patient's wife talks to her and shows Shioka her husband's disability card, making her think about getting it or not.

Back in class, the homeroom teacher appoints a new female class rep to which Tomita volunteers. Haruto tricks Kouhei into taking his place as male class rep, to Tomita's dismay. After class, Aya and her friends talk. As Haruto and his friends prepare to leave, Aya calls to him but stumbles. The others leave hurriedly to give them some privacy.

Aya finds comfort in talking to Haruto. The girls are late for basketball practice and Aya feels left out again. Kawamoto-senpai and his friend talk about finding a new girl. In the bio lab, Haruto researches Aya's suspected disease again.

Back at the tofu shop, Mizuo picks up Aya as Hiroki watches the shop. Aya is watching her friends depart as Kawamoto-senpai approaches her for a moment but leaves when he sees his friends. Aya is picked up by her father but notices the strange glances from her schoolmates.

At home, Aya explains she wants to walk to school instead. At the Aso household, Mrs. Aso tells Dr. Aso about Haruto studying and taking out books from Keisuke's room. Dr. Aso goes into Haruto's room only to find him asleep on a pile of books on his desk. Meanwhile, Aya is having trouble writing. Aya, as well as Mari and Saki who helps her, is late for class again and gets into trouble for it.

During PE, Haruto finds Aya in a classroom by herself watching her classmates when she suddenly faints and is sent to hospital. Shioka hurriedly arrives to see Aya while Haruto and the homeroom teacher wait outside her hospital room.

Dr. Mizuno leaves as Haruto goes to see him in his office to talk about Aya's condition. Haruto finds his dad waiting outside for him as they go off and talk about illnesses and being doctors. Dr. Aso tells Haruto to leave Aya be if he is just pitying her. Haruto refuses.

At home, Shioka and Mizuo are arguing loudly over what to do about Aya when Ako walks in on them, and she interrupts them and says, if they want to make such a point in hiding things from the children, then they should hide it completely. Aya manages to fall down the stairs just then. It is then that Shioka and Mizuo decide to tell the rest of the family the truth about Aya's illness. Hiroki and Rika are supportive but Ako finds it hard to believe and questions them.

At school, Aya is practicing shooting basketballs for the last time when Haruto interrupts her. She tells him to help her gather up all the balls on the court. On their way out, Aya asks Haruto to be on guard for her while she has some unfinished business to take care of. Kawamoto-senpai is walking across the bridge when he gets a phone call from Aya. Later, Aya and Haruto are walking slowly together.

Synopsis - Episode 6[edit]

Aya and her mother are walking Ganmo out somewhere as Aya thinks about her physical condition. People passing by are giving her strange glances as they see Hiroki in the distance and call out to him. Hiroki is practicing his soccer skills as Aya and her mother watch. Aya decides to help her brother by scribbling a pretend goal on the wall for him to aim at.

On their way home, Hiroki retrieves a runaway Ganmo but overhears some strange ladies talking about Aya behind her back. At the hospital, Aya is doing some leg exercises with Dr. Mizuno and Dr. Tanabe. Shioka still believes in the little bit of hope for Aya as Dr. Mizuno reads the diary Aya is keeping to see her handwriting and daily occurences. He is anxious when he reads something disturbing Aya wrote. At home, Mizuo is happy about his tofu business as the family have dinner together.

At school, Aya approaches Haruto as he is measuring the water in a tank. He takes her mind off her physical disability and makes her work with him in the bio lab. They don't realize that Tomita and her friend are observing them. Tomita's friend warns her that if she is not careful, Haruto will be stolen away by Aya. Tomita is in denial.

Back at home, Aya volunteers to watch the tofu shop while her father goes out. Mizuo is out trying to persuade a potential employer to try his tofu out. It turns out that this person is Onda-san, Kouhei's father. Kouhei comes out and introduces them and Onda-san is persuaded to try out Ikeuchi's tofu, but seemingly out of pity.

At the tofu shop, a customer comes by but serves herself after seeing Aya there. Ako arrives to help out. Meanwhile, Dr. Mizuno is researching more on spinocerebellar atrophy when Dr. Tanabe enters. Dr. Mizuno plans to see another doctor about Aya's condition.

Haruto and his friends Kouhei and Nakahara are in the bio lab when Tomita enters to scold Kouhei over his responsibility as male class rep. She asks Haruto if he needs help but he brushes it off. Nakahara and Kouhei ask Haruto if he can be a bit nicer to Tomita because she likes him.

On the way home from school, Haruto sees Aya catching the bus. Aya shows her disability card to the driver and is offered a seat by a lady. She reluctantly accepts but feels the cold glances.

Hiroki is chosen as forward for a soccer game and earns the admiration of his fellow players at the expense of another boy, Nakama-kun. Back at home, the family is celebrating for Hiroki as he tells Aya subtly that she does not need to come support him. In her room, Aya is sewing something on a shirt for Hiroki as Ako comes to talk and watch her.

Meanwhile, Mizuo is telling Shioka over the selling of his tofu to Onda-san out of pity but Shioka explains to him that it's alright. The next day, Aya and Ako are out shopping for Hiroki when a small boy asks Aya about her walking behavior. Hiroki's soccer mates and Nakama-kun recognize Aya as his sister. Later, while Hiroki is playing soccer alone, Nakama-kun and his friends from earlier bully Hiroki over Aya. Haruto watches as Hiroki's ball is kicked into the lake.

Hiroki returns home upset, and tells Aya not to come to the game. Haruto comes by the Ikeuchi house and returns the ball to Hiroki. On the way out, Haruto tells Hiroki to take care of the ball and his nee-chan more. Aya comes out to say thanks and goodbye to Haruto. The next day, Aya goes out with Mari and Saki.

After they leave, Shioka asks Ako to take something to Hiroki who is out on the soccer field. As she arrives at the field, Hiroki's soccer mates taunt him over Aya. Ako pushes Nakama-kun down and drags Hiroki back home and scolds him for not defending Aya. The family have an emotional talk.

Aya overhears everything, decides to go out by herself for a while and arrives home late for dinner. Aya tells Hiroki she can't go to his game because she has plans with Mari and Saki. Nevertheless, Aya gives Hiroki the present she bought him.

The next day, Aya is with Haruto in the bio lab when he questions her why she isn't attending Hiroki's game? Haruto tells her to go because Hiroki feels guilty about what happened already. Aya starts laughing when she sees something on Haruto's face.

At home, Hiroki prepares for his soccer match as Aya lays in bed. Ako asks her if she is still going out with Mari and Saki and Aya confirms. However, Ako tells her to look at what's on the table and Aya is persuaded to go support her brother at his game.

Synopsis - Episode 7[edit]

The Ikeuchi family is going to the temple to do some well-wishing. Aya recalls what she wrote in her diary about relying more on the help on others nowadays since the new year. Mizuo sets up a camera for a family photo. At home, the Ikeuchi's are eating and everybody seems to be quite happy and adjusted.

At school, Mari and Saki await Aya's arrival as they help her up the stairs with her wheelchair. Haruto arrives at the classroom noticing the wheelchair in the hallway. Aya feels happy to be amongst her friends. In class, Aya is thinking about the 'future path' and asks Haruto about what he will do in the bio lab. Haruto recalls the same words of his onii-san which Aya just spoke. Haruto tries to keep Aya in the bio lab instead of having her wait for her mother.

Haruto wheels Aya out in the hallway as she stops to hear the creaking sound of the wooden floor. She explains to him how much she likes this sound.

In history class, Aya is trying to keep up with the lesson at the slow expense of her fellow classmates. Haruto stares at Aya again as she tells the class to move on without her. Meanwhile, Shioka receives a call from the homeroom teacher for a meeting. They meet at school along with the principal (kyoto-sensei) to discuss how Aya is hindering the class's performance. She is uncomfortable when they mention sending her to a school better equipped for disabled children. Later, Shioka meets Aya and Haruto outside to take her home.

During the rehabilitation session, Aya is given weights for her legs so she can walk better. Shioka sees Dr. Mizuno who agrees it may be better to send her to a special disability school. Later, Dr. Mizuno is at a neurologist seminar taking lessons from Dr. Okazaki, a well-respected doctor/professor in neurology. They talk about the spinocerebellar atrophy disease.

At school, Aya hands in her 'future path' form to her homeroom teacher. In gym class, Mari and the others find out that Aya has quit the basketball club. An upset Mari runs out to confront Aya who was about to leave the school grounds just then.

Later, Shioka is visiting a disability school recommended by Dr. Mizuno. She is greeted by another girl with the same disease, and her mother. Asumi is a very lively girl despite her illness being more advanced. Asumi's mother and Shioka talk about Asumi's disease. Asumi delivers a moving speech to Shioka before she leaves.

In her room, Aya is looking at old pictures from school when her mother enters to talk with her. In class, Mari hands Aya her notes to copy and runs off with Saki. Haruto wheels Aya outside as Aya talks the fight she and Mari had. Shioka picks them up and invites a reluctant Haruto to dinner. Haruto is reluctant because Mizuo scares him.

At dinner, Haruto is sitting next to Mizuo and being offered a lot of food. Later, Haruto and Aya sit outside as he greets a grown up Ganmo. The nexy day, Saki is solely helping Aya up the stairs without Mari as Kouhei and Nakahara help take her wheelchair upstairs. Mari watches on. Aya finds Mari on the rooftop and they speak about the past. They make up as Mari wheels her out.

At home, Aya is alone with Rika when she finds information about the disability school in a drawer. At dinner, Aya is in a daze again over the situation. Aya later confronts her parents about them visiting the disability school. She tells them she wants to choose her own future and they all agree.

The next day, Shioka is having a PTA meeting as Ako wheels Aya through school. They go to support the basketball team and Aya is given a present from the team. At the PTA meeting, the parents of Aya's classmates are voicing their concern over the class's low performance because of Aya. Shioka begs for a little more time to give her daughter and Haruto passes by and overhears the whole discussion.

Synopsis - Episode 8[edit]

After the basketball game, Ako wheels Aya back out to meet their mother with Mari and Saki. They see the parents from the PTA meeting leaving and feel a bit concerned of how it went. Shioka arrives and pretends everything is alright. At home, Rika is practicing her performance for her graduation show before dinner.

At the Aso household, Mrs. Aso and her husband are discussing the events at the PTA meeting as Haruto interrupts them discussing Aya's future at the school. Dr. Aso tells Haruto he wouldn't understand because he is still a kid.

Meanwhile, Shioka and Mizuo too discuss Aya's future at the school. Haruto watches on as Aya, to everyone's dismay, is having difficulties keeping up in English class again. In between classes, Mari and Saki wheel Aya through the hallway as they observe the new ichinen-sei (high school freshmen) arrive for an induction at Higashikou.

Aya is studying in the bio lab as Haruto looks on. He shows her some school pictures of class events and gives some encouraging words, surprising Aya. She questions her future at the school as Shioka interrupts them to ease the tension. At home, Shioka breaks the news to the family that she plans to quit her job to help Aya at school. Aya is against it as everyone is worried about the family's income.

Later, Mizuo discusses Shioka's decision to quit her job. In her room, Aya is writing in her diary as Ako starts to ask her something but decided against it and stops in mid-sentence. Meanwhile, Dr. Mizuno is visited by Dr. Aso as they talk about Aya and how she has affected everybody in terms of courage.

At school, Aya is helped by Mari again as two distant classmates help her with her wheelchair. Tomita and her friend look on irritably. Tomita runs after Haruto to question him about Aya. Haruto is serious about Tomita's remark; he shoves her against the wall and warns her.

Meanwhile, Mizuo is testing out a more advanced wheelchair for Aya but is worried about the expense. Later, Aya overhears her parents talk about Mizuo taking up another job to support the income. Aya is feeling guilty. The next day, Aya is helped up the stairs again by Mari but slips and falls backward onto Mari, worrying everyone. Aya is sitting in the nurse's office when Mari comes in to reassure her, but Aya notices Mari's injured hand and knows she won't be able to participate in this week's basketball game.

At home, Aya is thinking about school and her mother when Ako enters. Ako decided to ask the question she failed to earlier. The next day, Mari and Saki seem to lose their spirit in helping Aya. The class is silent when Aya enters. Aya leaves early as Mari and Saki return to class just in time for Tomita to stage a class discussion over Aya.

Aya overhears most of it from outside when Haruto challenges everybody's intentions - to the class's astonishment - and stands up for Aya, seemingly the only one to be loyal to her at this point when he notices her listening in from outside. Aya retrieves the book she had come back for and leaves as Haruto runs after her while the class is left speechless.

Haruto offers to carry Aya down stairs, and wheels her out onto the bridge when Aya bursts into tears. Haruto, who usually finds words of comfort, has none to give and sheds his own tears instead. Aya decides to say goodbye at that point.

Later, Aya and the family go to watch Rika perform at her graduation. When they come out Aya talks strangely, worrying the family, as she voices her decision on enrolling at the disability school. At school the next day, Aya gives a farewell speech to her class while Shioka waits outside the classroom. Everyone is too teary-eyed and weepy to continue studies. Haruto runs out after Aya and her family, followed by Mari, Saki and then the whole class.

Haruto calls out to Aya as the class assemble, and they slowly start to sing the 3/9 song to her that they had practiced for the vocal contest.

Synopsis - Episode 9[edit]

It's been a couple months and Aya is attending the disability school now. She is presented with a new automatic wheelchair and test-drives it. Aya feels better using it as it is more mobile. At home, Shioka and Mizuo talk.

Mizuo happens to pass a bicycle-riding Haruto on the way home from somewhere and makes him help in carrying a big bag of rice. Aya is surprised to see Haruto again. Mizuo embarrasses Haruto by singing the 3/9 song and drags him into the living room. They all have dinner together as Rika is presented with a gift.

Aya is also given a gift in the form of a new cell phone, so the family can contact her easier. Haruto immediately asks for her number but Mizuo intercepts as Haruto and Aya exchange amused glances over the table. Later outside, Aya and Haruto are talking as he pets Ganmo, and tries to get Aya's number again only to be rejected for the second time.

Bicycling on the way to school, Haruto observes the Higashikou basketball team doing their morning jog as the new spring arrives. Meanwhile, Aya is settling into her new school. Shioka leaves feeling saddened and teary-eyed as she walks out of the school grounds.

Later, Aya meets Asumi, the girl with the same illness that Shioka met before, for the first time and is surprised to hear she has the same disease, but she thinks Asumi is a very cute girl. At home, Mizuo tries to call Aya on her new cell phone for the first time but finds the number busy and wonders who in the world she could be talking to. Ako teases how Aya must be talking to Aso-kun right now and Mizuo tries to re-dial.

Dr. Aso returns home to overhear from the corridor Haruto talking on the phone with Aya. Aya finishes talking to Haruto and views her handwriting which seems to have gotten worse. Meanwhile, Shioka is talking to Dr. Mizuno again about Aya's condition.

The next day, Aya is in gym and is handed a ball when Asumi comes up to her to talk about their teacher and her boyfriend. Aya finds Asumi to be a sweet girl. She is walking up her classroom thinking how afraid she is of what's happening to her. Her physical mobility is increasingly difficult and she is moving very slowly at this stage.

The next day, Haruto is at the library with his friends when he sees Ako studying. He talks to her, pointing out mistakes she made in her homework. In the evening, Haruto is calling Aya on her cell phone again. He aranges a date with her to go to the aquarium. Asumi asks if he is her boyfriend but Aya claims he is just a school classmate.

Later, Dr. Aso comes into Haruto's room and talks to him about Aya again. He asks if they are dating but Haruto can not explain and his father tells him to think about the situation with Aya's illness. The next day, Haruto meets Aya at her school for their date and Asumi comes to see them off. On the way, Aya explains that Asumi has the same illness as her.

At the aquarium, Aya is having a good time viewing the marine creatures when Haruto momentarily leaves. Later outside, Haruto fixes a dolphin chain to Aya's phone, matching his own. He goes to buy drinks when Aya is approached by a woman and her daughter for directions. Aya starts to find difficulties in speech and decides to point instead of speaking. On the way home, Haruto and Aya misses the bus and Haruto tries to call a taxi for them, when it starts to rain heavily.

Meanwhile, the Ikeuchi family is worrying about Aya's whereabouts as Haruto and Aya are brought back home in a special disability taxi. Shioka momentarily yells at Haruto as he takes responsibility for what happened. Once back inside, Shioka says Aya will be fine and both parties apologize for what happened.

Shioka talks seriously to Haruto about Aya, who happens to be in the room next door listening in. Both, Haruto and Aya seem to be hurt by Shioka's wise words. Haruto heads home in the rain with an umbrella when Aya calls him on the cell phone to apologize. Her speech is getting worse. Aya tells him how she believes they seem to be living in different worlds and hangs up crying.

At Jhunon hospital, Aya's speech is being examined by Dr. Mizuno. Haruto is returning books to the library again and meets Ako. Ako goes outside to talk to Haruto about Aya again and how she is trying her best in her studies for her. Haruto says Ako is truly Aya's little sister.

On the way home, Haruto leaves his friends and runs to Aya. At the disability school, Aya is watering the plants when Haruto arrives, seeing her for the first time since their last phone conversation. Aya is trying her best to talk but becomes teary-eyed. Haruto speaks and confesses that he likes her. Aya thanks him.

Aya is parting ways with Asumi on her way to her classroom while Haruto is at home filling out the 'future path' form. At Aya's school, the Ikeuchi family is visiting her and surprise her with Ako wearing Aya's Higashikou uniform -- she had passed the entrance exam. Aya is very happy.

Synopsis - Episode 10[edit]

Aya and her parents are making another visit to Dr. Mizuno where Aya is doing speech rehabilitation. Just a few moments later, Dr. Mizuno is discussing Aya's condition with her parents while she is doing walking exercises elsewhere. This is becoming increasingly difficult for her.

Later, Aya is at the disability school receiving her graduating diploma as Shioka and Mizuo walk behind her. Aya's teachers, Madoka and Takano-sensei come to talk with her and show Aya's parents her handwritten display work to them.

Elsewhere, Haruto is taking the college entrance exam. Meanwhile, Shioka is packing Aya's things into the car as Aya is looking back at the school she is now leaving. The year is now 2008, it's been three years since Aya was diagnosed with spinocerebellar atrophy disease. At home, everyone is welcoming Aya back. The family has rearranged her bed into the next room downstairs for convenience. Rika has also grown up a bit.

Later, Aya is writing in her diary and practicing her speech to herself. During rehabiliation, Aya is recalling her difficulties and feelings.

One evening, Aya and her family are having a large dinner with Mari, Saki, Nakahara, Kouhei and Haruto as guests. Aya congratulates Haruto on his successful exam results. Her schoolmates tell of what colleges they've applied or been accepted to as Aya quietly listens and watches everyone.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mizuno is in the science lab testing out mice in relation to the spinocerebellar atrophy disease. He slams his pen over his desk in frustration. During the day, Haruto is wheeling Aya through his college campus as Aya feels down at being unable to be 'normal', especially when she sees other couples, knowing she is unable to be like them with Haruto.

Later, Aya is doing rehabilitation again as Haruto watches by the door. Dr. Mizuno comes by and talks with him about Aya. Back at home, Shioka is in a hurry and finds Aya's diary, having accidentally thrown it down while grabbing her phone. Mizuo comes over to ask Shioka what's wrong?

In Jhunon hospital, Shioka comes by to pick up Aya who is with Dr. Mizuno. However Aya has something important to say to them. Later, Aya is back in the same hospital room she was in before as Ako accompanies her. Aya is feeling sad again.

Meanwhile, Shioka is visited by Takano-sensei as he tells her he is getting married to Madoka-sensei and has extended an invite for Aya to attend his wedding to the other teacher.

Haruto is on his way to visit Aya with some flowers and happens to meet his father Dr. Aso in the hallway. He nods and passes him by just as Shioka is there to meet and talk with Dr. Aso. They go outside to talk. Meanwhile, Haruto gives Aya the beautiful flowers and she is happy to have them. Dr. Aso continues talking to Shioka but he expresses his concern over Aya and Haruto's relationship, that it may hurt them both.

Back in the hospital room. Aya is expressing her feelings to Haruto who sits on the next bed and listens carefully. Shioka then happens to come by and tells Aya about Madoka-sensei's wedding invitation. She invites Haruto to come also and Haruto happily accepts, telling Aya he'll be able to rent a tuxedo.

Later, Aya is sitting in her wheelchair on the roof and watches as Haruto walks below with his friends from university. Aya is now back in the hospital room and needs to use the bathroom. As she tries to get into her wheelchair, she falls to the ground just as Haruto enters the room. Aya is telling him not to come near for she has accidentally wet herself on the floor.

Shioka and Ako happen to walk in right after that. Shioka begs a reluctant Haruto to leave as Ako is sent out to fetch something. Shioka comforts an upset and crying Aya as she helps her up. Haruto is standing in the hallway feeling helpless and leaves for class. Later, Aya is sitting on her bed spacing out as Shioka tries to control her tears while cleaning the floor.

At night, Aya is alone in her hospital bed. She manages to get to a nearby phone and tries to dial but she trembles too much and the phone rejects her call. Meanwhile back at home, Shioka is worried and decides to head to Jhunon hospital to check on Aya. Mizuo wants to come along but Ako stops him so Shioka leaves alone.

As she gets to the hospital, Shioka is frantically looking for Aya everywhere and finds her slumped forward near the pay phone. Aya expresses her feelings to her mother and begs for her to help her. Shioka puts on a brave face and wheels Aya back to her room and shows her, her study books, trying to give her courage. Mother and daughter have an emotional hug.

Later at night, Aya is practicing her writing again when she glimpses over at the dolphin necklace Haruto gave her. She decides to write him a letter. The next day is Madoka and Takano-sensei's wedding as Aya (who is wearing a pretty white dress) and her parents are there to congratulate them. Aya wishes her teachers to be happy.

A few moments later, Aya is chatting with her parents when Haruto arrives wearing a tuxedo to which Aya makes a comment. It's now time for the bride's bouquet to be thrown and Aya happens to catch it surprising her as Haruto looks on.

Later, Aya, Haruto and her parents are leaving the church grounds as Shioka and Mizuo leave Aya in Haruto's care. Aya manages to give him the [love] letter she wrote as the wedding bells happen to ring. Haruto turns to look at the church as Aya stares sadly at his back.

Later, Shioka and Mizuo are wheeling Aya back to her hospital room when Aya starts choking. Dr. Mizuno hurriedly comes to her aid. Meanwhile, Haruto is walking on the bridge when he remembers Aya's letter and decides to read it there. In Jhunon hospital, Aya is struggling to talk with her parents and Dr. Mizuno.

Haruto continues reading Aya's letter and his face turns more serious. Meanwhile, Aya starts to cry as she tells her parents about breaking up with Haruto. In the letter to Haruto, Aya thanks him for supporting her and always being by her side but also realizing that she has no future with him. Haruto is brought to tears as he nears the end of the letter. In the envelope, he finds the pink dolphin necklace he gave Aya returned to him.

In the hospital, Shioka asks Aya why she is giving up but Aya asks them if she could ever get married. There is no answer and Aya understands her position. Mizuo can't control his emotions and runs out of the room to cry outside.

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Haruto returns home as Dr. Aso asks him what's wrong. Haruto is holding Aya's letter and gazes sadly back at his father telling him that he, as always, was right. Shioka tries to reason with Aya but she pushes her away crying as Dr. Mizuno looks on saddened.

Synopsis - Episode 11[edit]

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