Joy of Life 2

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Joy of Life 2


  • Title: 庆余年2 / Qing Yu Nian 2
  • English title: Joy of Life 2
  • Genre: Historical, political, adventure, suspense
  • Episodes: 36
  • Broadcast network: CCTV, Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2024-May-16 to 2024-May-30
  • Air time: 19:30
  • Original soundtrack: Joy of Life 2 OST
  • Related TV Series: Joy of Life (2019), Joy of Life 3 (TBA)


The drama continues from the first season of the Joy of Life trilogy, following the story of a mysterious young man, Fan Xian who has been tested and tempered by his family, times, and royal court. He adheres to justice and goodness, starts a new journey of life, and continues to write this unusual and delightful legend of life.

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Main Cast

Fan Jian's adopted son whose birth parents are the Qing Emperor and Ye Qingmei. Director-General of the Investigation Center, Chief Musician of Court of Imperial Sacrifices.
Daughter of the Prime Minister and Elder Princess. Fan Xian's wife. Known by the nickname of "Drumstick Lady".
Emperor of Qing Kingdom. One of the four Grandmasters in the world.

Qing Kingdom

Investigation Center
  • Wu Gang as Chen Pingping, Director of the Investigation Center. Fan Xian's teacher and advisor
  • Tian Yu as Wang Qinian, Clerk of the Investigation Center
  • Hai Yi Tian as Zhu Ge, head of the First Division, in charge of affairs within the capital. Chen Pingping's most capable assistant, who in reality works for Li Yunrui
  • Yu Ai Lei as Deng Ziyue, registrar of the First Division
  • Liu Hua as Fei Jie, head of the Third Division. A master of poison and healer. Fan Xian’s first teacher.
  • Li Qiang as Yan Ruohai, head of the Fourth Division, responsible for supervising officials outside of the capital city as well as agents and military organizations. Yan Bingyun's father
  • Wu Xing Jian as Yan Bingyun, member of the Fourth Division. Former subordinate of Teng Zijing. In charge of the spies situated at Northern Qi
  • Zhang Chi as Jing Ge, assistant commander of the Black Troops (Fifth Division)
  • Liu Yu Qiao as Ying Zi (voiced by Wang Bao Shun), head of the Sixth Division, in charge of assassination. A ninth-grade martial arts master. Chen Pingping's most trusted subordinate
  • Dong Jing Chuan as Senior Apprentice Leng , Acting Director of the Third Division. Fei Jie's senior disciple and Fan Xian's senior. He loves inventing new poisons.
Royal family
  • Li Xiao Ran as Li Yunrui, Elder princess. Foster sister of the Emperor, birth mother of Lin Wan'er
  • Yu Fei Hong as Empress, mother of Li Chengyu
  • Sui Jun Bo as Imperial Consort Yi, mother of Li Chengping
  • Fu Xin Bo as Li Chengru, Eldest prince. Engaged to Northern Qi's Eldest Princess
  • Liu Duan Duan as Li Chengze, Second prince
  • Zhang Hao Wei as Li Chengyu, Crown prince
  • Guo Zi Fan as Li Chengping, Third prince
  • Wang Tian Chen as Li Hongcheng (voiced by Xiao Jing), son of Prince Jin and close friend of the second prince
Officials and servants
  • Bi Yan Jun as Lai Mingcheng, Left Censor
  • Feng En He as Qin Ye, Chief Councilor
  • Jerry Chang as Guo Youzhi, ex Minister of the Board of Rites
  • Jia Jing Hui as Guo Baokun, current Head of Spies in Northern Qi. Son of Guo Youzhi
  • Wang Tong Hui as Guo Zheng, current Minister of the Board of Rites
  • Cui Peng as Gong Dian, Deputy Director of the Imperial Guards. An eighth-grade martial arts master. Ye Zhong's junior
  • Fu Jia as Xin Qiwu, Deputy Chief of Court of State Ceremonials
  • Cui Zhi Gang as Eunuch Hou, Emperor's personal attendant
  • Xuan Yan as He Zongwei, a renowned scholar. Later becomes officer of the Censorate board
  • Li Jun Xian as Gao Da, Commander of the Tiger Troops. Fan Xian's guard
  • Zhao Zhen Ting as Xie Bi'an, Li Chengze's guard. An eighth-grade swordsman
  • Feng Bing as Fan Wujiu, Li Chengze's guard
  • Yang Tong as Qin Heng, Qin Ye's son
  • Qin Yan as Eunuch Dai, head of the Vegetable Inspection Office
  • Wang Cheng Yang as Hong Zhu, eunuch
Fan family
  • Gao Shu Guang as Fan Jian, Minister of Revenue. The Earl of Sinan. Fan Xian’s foster father
  • Zhao Ke as Liu Ruyu, second wife of Fan Jian. Fan Sizhe's mother. Daughter of the Royal Advisor
  • Song Yi as Fan Ruoruo, Fan Xian's younger sister
  • Guo Qi Lin as Fan Sizhe, Fan Xian's younger brother. He loves money and has a talent for finance. Owner of Dan Bo bookshop selling Fan Xian's books
Lin family
  • Yu Yang as Lin Ruofu, Prime Minister. Lin Wan’er's father
  • Dong Ke Fei as Lin Dabao, first master of Lin family and Lin Wan'er's eldest brother. Because of an illness, he has the mental capacity of a child. Fan Xian and Fan Sizhe's good friend
  • Luo Er Yang as Yuan Hongdao, advisor of Lin Ruofu
Ye family
Wang family
  • Gao Lu as Madame Wang, Wang Qinian's wife
  • Li Luo An as Wang Ba, Wang Qinian's daughter
  • Tong Meng Shi as Wu Zhu, a martial arts grand master and loyal servant of Ye Qingmei
  • Yu Xiao Ming as Yun Zhilan, senior disciple of Si Gujian, one of the four grandmasters. A ninth grade swordsman
  • Wang Chu Ran as Sang Wen, courtesean of Bao Yue Lou
  • Wang Xiao Chen as Yuan Meng, manager of Bao Yue Lou
  • Wang Jian Guo as Lao Jin Tou, vegetable seller
  • Zuo Ling Feng as Shi Chanli, scholar. Later becomes part of Fan Xian's entourage
  • Liu Tong as Yang Wanli, scholar
  • Zhang Wei Yi as Hou Jichang, scholar
  • Yao An Lian as Head Shopkeeper of Qing Yu Hall, previous subordinate of Ye Qingmei
  • Feng Man Tian (冯满天) as Musician (at Chen Pingping's mansion)
  • Ma Jian Xiong as Shopkeeper Ma
  • Sun Qi as Shopkeeper Su
  • Ning Li as Ming Qingda, head of Ming Enterprise
  • Gui Ya Lei as Old Madame Ming
  • Xu Zhi Sheng as Book Envoy Xu, book envoy of Fu Chun Province. Subordinate of Yang Wanli

Kingdom of Northern Qi

  • Liu Mei Tong as Zhan Doudou, Emperor of Northern Qi. A woman in disguise
  • Mao Xiao Tong as Eldest Princess of Northern Qi, engaged with Li Chengru in a political marriage
  • Xin Zhi Lei as Haitang Duoduo, Saintess of Northern Qi. Disciple of Ku He, one of the four grandmasters; and a ninth-grade martial arts expert
  • Li Chun as Si Lili, a famous courtesan at Zuixian Ju who is in reality a spy of Northern Qi
  • Yu Rong Guang as Xiao En, former Head Agent of Northern Qi who is responsible for delivering military intelligence. A cruel and fearless man who is feared by many
  • Yu Jin Wei as Shen Zhong, commander of the Jinyiwei Guards. Advisor of the Empress Dowager who is known for his cruel schemes
  • Sun Yi Mu as Lang Tao, senior disciple of Ku He. A ninth-grade martial arts expert. Ally of the Dowager Empress
  • Dai Wen Wen as Miss Shen, younger sister of Shen Zhong


Production Credits


  • Filming period: 2023-May-10 to 2023-Oct-17

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