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SPEC:Birth [2010]
  • Title: ケイゾク 2: SPEC~ 警視庁公安部 公安第五課未詳事件特別対策係事件簿
  • Title (Romaji): Keizoku 2: SPEC~ Keishichou Kouanbu Kouan Daigoka Mishou Jiken Tokubetsu Taisakugakari Jikenbo
  • Title (English): SPEC: Birth
  • Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Comedy, Supernatural
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Episodes: 10
  • Broadcast network: TBS
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Oct-08 to 2010-Dec-17
  • Air time: Friday 22.00
  • Related TV shows: Keizoku


Like the original series, "SPEC" will revolve around a pair of police detectives as part of a special division solving difficult cases (Mishou). Touma Saya is a woman with an IQ of 201 and an inability to "read the atmosphere" in social situations. Due to a previous case, her left arm is in a sling. Her partner Sebumi Takeru used to be the star performer of the Metropolitan Police. After some incident however, he was transferred to Mishou. Those two track down offenders with special abilities (SPEC) who managed to get away with their crimes.

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Keizoku 2: SPEC Cast
Mishou/Unidentified Crimes Unit (未詳)
SPEC Holder
First Investigation Division (捜査一課)
Other Police Divisions
Chinese Restaurant


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5-6
  • Omori Nao as Satonaka Mitsugu [38] (ep5)
  • Nishihara Aki as Satonaka Sayuri [33] [Mitsugu's wife] (ep4-6)
  • Hotta Yui (堀田悠衣) [5] [Mitsugu's daughter] (ep4-6)
  • Ihara Keisuke (井原啓介) as Miyazaki Yosuke [Medical examination technician]
  • Sugiuchi Takashi (杉内貴) as Minegishi Higashi [32] [Public Security Division 5]
  • Suzuki Chirudo (鈴木ちるど) as Suga Atsushi [35] [Public Security Investigator]
  • Yamamoto Keisuke as Yamazaki Keigo [30] [Public Security Investigator]
  • Urasaki Hiroshi (浦崎宏) as Urai Hiroki [52] [Public Security Investigator]
  • Shibata Jiro as Shibanushi Kojirou [47] [Public Security Investigator]
  • Sugawara Takuma as Tanida Osamu [26] [Public Security Investigator]
  • Gozu Takeo (五頭岳夫) as Old man at Yakitori restaurant (ep5)
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10

Episode Information

No. Episode Broadcast Date Episode Title Director Ratings (Kanto)
1 甲の回 8th Oct 2010 魔弾の射手 Magic Bullet Shooter Tsutsumi Yukihiko 11.5
2 乙の回 15th Oct 2010 天の双眸 Heaven's Eye Tsutsumi Yukihiko 8.2
3 丙の回 22nd Oct 2010 漂泊の憑依者 Wandering Possessor Kato Arata 10.1
4 丁の回 29th Oct 2010 希死念慮の饗宴 A Feast of Suicidal Thoughts Imai Natsuki 11.6
5 戊の回 12th Nov 2010 堕天刑事 Fallen Detective Tsutsumi Yukihiko 12.1
6 己の回 19th Nov 2010 病の処方箋 Prescription for Illness Kaneko Fuminori 10.0
7 庚の回 26th Nov 2010 覚吾知真 Satoru Ware Chi Shin Kato Arata 9.6
8 辛の回 3rd Dec 2010 魑魅魍魎 Demons and Monsters Imai Natsuki 10.1
9 壬の回 10th Dec 2010 冥王降臨 The Descending of the Underworld Tsutsumi Yukihiko 9.0
10 癸(起)の回 17th Dec 2010 百年の孤独 Hundred Years of Solitude Tsutsumi Yukihiko 12.9
Average 10.54

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2012 Special

SPEC~翔~ [2012]
  • Title: SPEC~ 翔~
  • Title (romaji): SPEC: Shou
  • Title (english): SPEC: Life
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Broadcast date: 2012-Apr-01
  • Air time: Sun. 21:30


Set one year after the fight between detectives Touma Saya, Sebumi Takeru and Satoshi Chii. More confrontations ensues between the detectives at the Unidentified Crimes Unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Sebumi returns after taking a break due to his eye problems. Ichiyanagi Kenzo is appointed section chief, while Nonomura Kotaro is demoted. Meanwhile, new member Yoshikawa Shu joins the team.


Mishou/Unidentified Crimes Unit (未詳)
SPEC Holder
First Investigation Division (捜査一課)
Chinese Restaurant
Other Police Divisions


SPEC Holder
Police Related

Production Credits

2013 Special

SPEC~零~ [2013]
  • Title: SPEC~零~
  • Title (Romaji): SPEC~Rei~
  • Title (English): SPEC~Zero~
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Broadcast date: 2013-Oct-23
  • Air time: Wed. 21:00


A prequel to the "SPEC: Birth" series. High school student Touma Saya lost her parents and younger brother in an airplane accident. Police detective Kondo Akio came and told her that there is a high possibility that her family were killed by people who have special abilities (SPEC). That was the first time Touma has heard of "SPEC". 6 years later, Touma who has never forgotten what the police said, decides to become a police detective. She returns to Japan after receiving training by the FBI in the United States. Touma is assigned to work unsolved cases in the Public Security Bureau. Meanwhile, because of Satoshi's scheme, Ninomae considers Touma as his parents' enemy and tries to push her to the edge. Satoshi's scheme has also caused Touma and Ninomae to forget that they are brother and sister. The siblings are headed to a life-staking fight. A girl named Ueno Maho becomes involved in their fight. To protect Maho, Touma uses "SPEC".


Mishou / Unidentified Crimes Unit (未詳)
SPEC Holder
Police Related


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Three movies related to the series were also released:

Multiple cameos or references from the series can be found in another TBS drama, ATARU.
In SPEC~Rei~, Touma Saya can be seen imitating Ataru's signature hand gesture during one of her investigations.

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