Kinyo Prestige

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  • Title: 金曜プレステージ
  • Title: Kinyo Prestige
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Kujira to Medaka

  • Subtitle: 鯨とメダカ
  • Subtitle (romaji): Kujira to Medaka
  • Broadcast date: 2008-May-9
  • Air time: 19:57 to 21:49


A story of Ninomiya Shigeru, a 75-year old man who re-discovers his purpose in life after meeting a 15-year old girl Sachiko and her family. Shigeru, the founder and president of a successful business, finds himself dumbfound when his title is unexpectedly taken away by his own son who betrays him to overtake the company. While in disbelief of what has happened to himself, Shigeru wanders into a commuter train where he runs into an outspoken girl named Sachiko. She is the daughter of a traditional Japanese senbei manufacturer in Asakusa, and lives with her mother and grandmother who runs the family business. Shigeru finds himself being attracted to the way of life of Sachiko's family, and soon begins taking part in their senbei business. --groink

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