Mico, Go!

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Mico, Go!


  • Title: 米可, Go! / Mi Ke, Go!
  • English title: Mico, Go!
  • Genre: Human drama
  • Broadcast network: PTS
  • Broadcast period: 2006
  • Opening theme song: Ying Hua Cao (櫻花草) by Sweety
  • Ending theme song: Yan Jing (眼睛) by Liang Zheng Qun


Shao Xuan was a vivacious 16 year-old girl. Then, a near fatal accident took away her vision. What was once a bright world full possibilities is now dark and limited to the extend of a helping hand. She fell into a deep depression. Fortunately, Mico, a guide dog for the blind, gave her back the eyes she lost and a second chance in life. She slowly learned to live independently as a blind person and regained her lively personality.

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