Motto Koi Seyo Otome

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Motto Koi Seyo Otome


  • Title: もっと恋セヨ乙女
  • Title (romaji): Motto Koi Seyo Otome
  • Tagline: Searching For Her Happiness
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 24 (15 mins. each, 6 weeks)
  • Viewership ratings: 5.4
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast period: 2004-May-15 to 2004-Jun-25
  • Air time: Monday through Thursday at 23:00
  • Theme song: Ashita he kakeru hashi by Kuraki Mai
  • Related TV shows: Koi Seyo Otome


The 16th NHK Yorudora is Motto Koi Seyo Otome, the continuation of Koi Seyo Otome.

Nothing new has been happening to Amano Sachiko, until she reunites with former elementary school classmate, Satomi Shuji, who had transferred to Yokohama. Sachiko, Nanako and Hinako had just been discussing "Love Recycling," so Sachiko is in ecstasy, convinced this was a meeting of fate. Furthermore, Satomi says, "There's something I've always wanted to say to you, Sac-chan." Will it finally be the proposal Sachiko has been waiting for? Her quest for love continues... --Translation from NHK source by awrittensin'

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Episode Titles (By Week)

  • Week 1: "Love Recycling"
  • Week 2: "I Tried to Change, But..."
  • Week 3: "I Can't Say 'I'm Waiting'"
  • Week 4: "From the Streets With Love"
  • Week 5: "Be a Mama, Baby!"
  • Week 6: "The Greatest Confession in History"

-- translated by awrittensin

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