News no Onna

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News no Onna


  • Title: ニュースの女
  • Title (romaji): News no Onna
  • Also known as: Newswoman / Channel 2
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Human drama
  • Episodes: 11
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV
  • Broadcast period: 1998-Jan-07 to 1998-Mar-18
  • Theme song: Sanpomichi by Judy and Mary


Honami plays a newscaster, a tough pro who is capable of stonily reporting even her own husband's death in an traffic accident on air. The plot revolves around Honami's relationship with her late husband's teenage son who she is forced to take in. The show stars popular Kyozo Nagatsuka as the boy's lawyer and her romantic interest. The series also includes a lot of behind-the-scenes newsroom action and depicts the rivalry between the show's director and producer, who are locked in a constant debate over whether new and variety are, or should be, one and the same. --Duncan


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Honami Does It Again

Suzuki Honami triumphs again, this time playing the independent and goal-driven Aso-san, the anchor of Channel 2 News. The series starts off with a bang, the tragic death of her husband and his ex-wife the day after their marriage and all of a sudden she has to deal with taking care of her husband's fifteen year old son, Ryu, played by Takizawa Hideaki.

The feelings and emotions portrayed by Suzuki Honami were sincere and more realistic, being a single person and being such a career-oriented woman, she didn't want to take the boy in and was rather vociferous about it, too. Takizawa Hideaki in the meantime was a bit of a loner and often grated on Aso's nerves. However, as the series progresses, their relationship blossoms and the audience can really sense a change between them. It just seemed very natural and not forced like some other dramas that I've seen. Like some other reviewer, I also felt that Ryu had some sort of feelings for Aso. They just had great chemistry together! (Maybe that's one of the reasons why Takky was later cast in "Majo no Jouken")

The side characters really helped contribute to the overall plot and feeling of the drama. The lawyer (the perfect man) often added comic relief to the serious moments. The scheming Fujiwara Norika made a great antagonist and it was understandable since she also wanted to become an anchor. Konno's character was also wonderfully executed, it was hard to make out the man's feelings and motives with his one expression face.

I've only seen one another news drama, Bijo ka Yajuu, and I thought that this one surpassed that one by far. I definitely recommend watching this for both fans of Suzuki Honami and Takizawa Hideaki. The ending was also exceptional.

  • Rating: 5/5 (Life-altering)

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