Rock Records In Love

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  • Title: 滾石愛情故事 / Gun Shi Ai Qing Gu Shi
  • English title: Rock Records In Love
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: PTS / iQIYi
  • Broadcast period: 2016-Apr-09 to 2016-Jun-11
  • Air time: Saturday 21:00-23:00


A collection of stories connected by classic rock songs.

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Episode 01[edit]


Theme song: Ai Qing (愛情) Love by Karen Mok (莫文蔚)

After Chen Li Xin botched Zhang Jing Ye's love confession, these two strangers became good friends. As time goes by, they are wondering if they are more than just friends.

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Episode 02[edit]


Theme song: Zhong Jie Gu Dan (終結孤單) Loneliness terminator by Mayday

A super charged rock concert brought them together. But after half a year, Ren Zhao En felt smothered by Zhu Jia Ling's unconditional love and longed to escape.

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Episode 03[edit]


Theme song: Zu Hou Yi Ci Wen Rou (最後一次溫柔) The last gentleness by Chen Sheng (陳昇)

Over the years, Li Jian Qiao lost the ability to love Shen Yan Ru trying to grant her every wish, no matter how unreasonable they were. As his last favor to her, he took care of her and her wedding guests so she can marry another man in style.

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Episode 04[edit]


Theme song: Cheng Quan (成全) Step aside by Rene Liu

When they were in school, Li Meng Cheng deeply hurt Xiu Zhen with his philandering. She reacted to the failed relationship by transforming herself into a stronger independent woman. Years later they met again. While he is still the way he was, she had taken on a different mentality.

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Episode 05[edit]


Theme song: Wo Shi Zhen De Fu Chu Wo De Ai (我是真的付出我的愛) I truly give my love to you by Wakin Chau (周華健)

Lu Ming Jin arrives at his new job to discover that he will be working under his ex-girlfriend. The reunion drags out old unresolved feelings.

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Episode 06[edit]


Theme song: Dui Mian De Nv Hai Kan Guo Lai (對面的女孩看過來) Look over here, girl by Richie Jen

Yao Da Ye bumps into his childhood friend while burglarizing her apartment. He was shocked to discover the outgoing, happy girl he remembered is now a depressed, reclusive amputee. He is determined to get her smile back by making her do all the wild things she thought she couldn't do as a cripple.

  • Lu Yi En (盧以恩) as younger Wan Ni 小婉霓
  • Wei Miao Ci (蔚妙慈) as childhood Wan Ni 小小婉霓
  • Su Da (蘇達) as Yao Da Ye 姚大業
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Episode 07[edit]


Theme song: Ai Wo Bie Zhou (愛我別走) Love me, don't go by A-Yue (張震嶽)

Qian Ke Xuan is working in a binlang stand when high schooler Zheng Xiang approaches her about the incorrect English spelling on her cart. Ever since then, they have been hanging out in the library together. He inspires her to become the girl he sees in her.

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Episode 08[edit]


Theme song: Xiao Wei (小薇) by Huang Pin Yuan (黃品源)

Zhou Jun Zhi likes Fang Jing Wei and desperately wants her to reciprocate his feeling. He does things to get her attention. He believes if he can make her do something she doesn't want to do, it means she likes him too.

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Episode 09[edit]


Theme song: Nuo Wei De Sen Lin (挪威的森林) Norwegian forest by Wu Bai (伍佰)

Social worker Zhuang Zhe Kai has a hard time keeping his professional detachment when caring for a pair of twin sisters. His concern for the well-being of the autistic younger sister leads him to stray from his duties.

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Episode 10[edit]


Theme song: Ru Guo You Yi Tian (如果有一天) If One Day by Fish Leong

A man looks back on how he lost his best friend to jealousy.

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Episode 11[edit]


Theme song: Piao Yang Guo Hai Lai Kan Ni (飄洋過海來看你) Crossing the ocean to see you by Jin Zhi Juan (娃娃/金智娟)

Mei Ying works from home in order to care for her dementia mother, who has gone missing when she forgets to lock the front door. During her frantic search, she receives a call from a man on an island alleging that her mother is staying with him. When she flies there, she finds her mother behaving happier than she has been for years. The stress of caring for her sick mother slowly melts away the longer they stay on the island.

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Episode 12[edit]

  • Theme song: Ai De Dai Jia (愛的代價) The price of love by Sylvia Chang (張艾嘉)
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Episode 13[edit]


Theme song: Xin Bu Liao Qing (新不了情) New everlasting love by Wan Fang (萬芳)

Cai Xiu Min is a vivacious single mother who was widowed 4 times and had a child from each marriage. Despite her unfortunate luck with husbands, she never gives up on her happily ever after. Then she meets a man who looks just like her 1st husband.

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Episode 14[edit]


Theme song: Ni Zhou Ni De Lu (你走你的路) Walk your own way by Sarah Chen (陳淑樺) and Jonathon Lee (李宗盛)

A woman asked her ex-husband to stay over to watch over her and their child as they tried to figure out if they are living in haunted house. She hoped it would help get them back together.

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Episode 15[edit]


Theme song: Gu Mi Xin Qiao (鬼迷心竅) Infatuation by Jonathon Lee (李宗盛)

The early onset of Alzheimer's disease robs Xu Zong Xiu's memory but not Wang Zhi Sheng's love. As her condition deteriorates, his only wish is for her to remember his name.

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Episode 16[edit]


Theme song: Wei Dao (味道) Scent by Winnie Hsin (辛曉琪)

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Episode 17[edit]


Theme song: Zu Lang Man De Shi (最浪漫的事) The most romantic thing by Cyndi Chao

Liu Hao Zhi is more than happy to give his wife the wedding that they never had. But a call during their wedding shatters their bliss. They are bankrupted because his coworker has embezzled the company fund. The good life he built for his family crumbles before him, and he has difficulties adjusting to the change.

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Episode 18[edit]


Theme song: Xie Yi Shou Ge (寫一首歌) To write a song by Shunza (順子)

A woman leaves her father and her longtime boyfriend's care to live on her own. Having experiencing the hardship of real life, she learns how lucky she had been under their protection.

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Episode 19[edit]


Theme song: Shang Heng (傷痕) Scar by Sandy Lam

A woman thinks it's karma that she can't keep a good man because she manages her philandering boss' extra marital affairs by covering up his cheating from his wife, mistresses, girlfriends, and tabloids. She then develops a girl crush on a client who is everything she wants to be herself.

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Episode 20[edit]


Theme song: Zhu Wo Xing Fu (祝我幸福) Wishing me happy by Faith Yang (楊乃文)

A girl with old soul and a middle age man who is young at heart become intimately involved over poetry.

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