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Episode Synopses

Episode 1 - 火の国 (Land of Fire)

Buddhist monk Sanzo Hoshi heads to Tenjiku to deliver a sutra that has powers to bring peace to the world. On the first day of her journey, she comes across Sagojo, on the second day she meets Chohakkai, and on the third day, she encounters Son Goku. With very different personalities, the four constantly quarrel. But through their journey together, they learn to help one another overcome many difficulties.

After days of not eating anything, they finally reach a town, but the place is burned to ashes. Just when they are trying to find out what happened, a beautiful girl in a wedding gown comes their way, followed by a young man, and then the bride's father.

The bride's father turns out to be Sanzo Hoshi's former mentor, Jintan. They are invited to Jintan's temple for dinner. Sanzo Hoshi looks scornfully at Goku and Chohakkai as they feast like pigs, and asks Jintan what happened to the town. She is told that a monster called Gyumao has burned it down to the ground.

In order to stop him from further damage, the town must offer a young girl as a human sacrifice, and Jintan's daughter has been selected. Sanzo is determined to help her mentor. After putting their heads together, they come up with a solution. Sanzo will dress up like the bride and sneak into Gyumao's castle.

Episode 2 - 温泉の国 (Land of Hot Springs)
Episode 3 - 夢の国 (Land of Dreams)
Episode 4 - 砂の国 (Land of Sands)
Episode 5 - 子供の国 (Land of Children)
Episode 6 - 森の国 (Land of Forest)
Episode 7 - 幽霊の国 (Land of Ghosts)
Episode 8 - 時の国 (Land of Time)
Episode 9 - 花の国 (Land of Flowers)
Episode 10 - 滅法国 (Land of Separate Existence)
Episode 11 - 天竺 (Tenjiku)

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