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Second to Last Love



A remake of the Japanese drama "The Second Last Love" about a single woman in her 40s who feels unstable about life after her retirement.

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Relationship chart
Main Cast
Go Sang Sik's family
  • Kim Seul Gi as Go Mi Rye (Go Sang Shik's youngest sister) (35)
  • Jung Soo Young as Go Sang Hui (Go Sang Shik's younger sister) (42)
  • Lee Soo Min as Go Ye Ji (Go Sang Shik's daughter) (15)
  • Lee Hyung Chul as Park Chun Soo (Go Sang Shik's brother-in-law, Go Sang Hui's husband) (45)
  • Hong Tae Ui as Park Hoon (Go Sang Shik's nephew, Go Sang Hui and Park Cheon Soo's son) (18)
Kang Min Joo's friends
  • Moon Hee Kyung as Na Choon Woo (deputy mayor) (55)
  • Kim Kwon as Cha Soo Hyuk (7th grade civil servant, part of the Regional Tourism Division) (35)
  • Go Bo Kyul as Han Song Il (contract employee, part of the Regional Tourism Division) (28)
  • Do Ki Suk as Shin Suk Gi (Director of the Economic and Cultural Division) (43)
  • Park Sung Geun as Han Jung Shik (Executive Producer, Drama Division 2 team leader) (49)
  • Yang Hyung Wook (양형욱) as Gook Young Soo (Head of the Drama Division) (52)
  • Lee Hye Eun as Oh Young Ae (Drama Division Production PD, Kang Min Joo's right hand) (43)
  • Jang Suk Hyun as Nam Ki Chul (assistant director, Kang Min Joo's left hand) (35)
  • Han Soo Jin (한수진) as Na Ae Li (new screenwriter) (33)

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Episode Ratings

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  • The first episode of this new drama was originally scheduled to air on July 23. However, Ji Jin Hee sustained an injury to his nose during an action scene so the production team has decided to delay the show’s first episode until July 30 while he recovers from surgery on his nose.
  • On October 6th, 2016 extension of 4 episodes was confirmed and thus make this drama with a total of 20 episodes.

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