SBS Saturday and Sunday Night 21:45

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SBS Saturday & Sunday Night (~9:45 PM)

Title Start Date End Date
Gogh, The Starry Night 2016-Oct-22 2016-Oct-30
Second to Last Love 2016-Jul-30 2016-Oct-16
Beautiful Gong Shim 2016-May-14 2016-Jul-17
Mrs.Cop 2 2016-Mar-05 2016-May-08
I Have a Lover 2015-Aug-22 2016-Feb-28
The Time We Were Not In Love 2015-June-27 2015-Aug-16
Divorce Lawyer in Love 2015-Apr-18 2015-Jun-14
My Heart is Twinkling 2015-Jan-10 2015-Apr-12
Birth of a Beauty 2014-Nov-01 2015-Jan-04
Endless Love 2014-Jun-21 2014-Oct-26
Angel Eyes 2014-Apr-05 2014-Jun-15
The Woman Who Married Three Times 2013-Nov-09 2014-Mar-30
Goddess of Marriage 2013-Jun-29 2013-Oct-26
Birth Secret 2013-Apr-27 2013-Jun-23
Incarnation of Money 2013-Feb-02 2013-Apr-21
Cheongdamdong Alice 2012-Dec-01 2013-Jan-27
Five Fingers 2012-Aug-18 2012-Nov-25
A Gentleman's Dignity 2012-Mar-26 2012-Aug-12
Dummy Mommy 2012-Mar-17 2012-May-20
Live in Style 2011-Sep-17 2012-Mar-11
Scent of a Woman 2011-Jul-23 2011-Sep-11
New Tales of Gisaeng 2011-Jan-23 2011-Jul-17
Secret Garden 2010-Nov-13 2011-Jan-16
Life is Beautiful 2010-Mar-20 2010-Nov-07
Smile, You 2009-Sep-26 2010-Mar-07
Style 2009-Aug-01 2009-Sep-20
Shining Inheritance 2009-Apr-25 2009-Jul-26
Family's Honor 2008-Oct-11 2009-Apr-19
First Wives Club 2007-Sep-29 2008-Oct-05
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung 2007-Jul-28 2007-Sep-16
Bad Couple 2007-Jun-02 2007-Jul-22
Blue Fish 2007-Apr-07 2007-May-27
Crazy For You 2007-Feb-03 2007-Apr-01
Queen of the Game 2006-Nov-18 2007-Jan-28
Love and Ambition 2006-Feb-04 2006-Nov-06
Marrying a Millionaire 2005-Nov-26 2006-Jan-22
Lovers in Prague 2005-Sep-24 2005-Nov-20
Let's Go To The Beach 2005-Jul-30 2005-Sep-11
Only You 2005-Jun-04 2005-Jul-05
Green Rose 2005-Mar-19 2005-May-29
Spring Day 2005-Jan-08 2005-Mar-13
Save the Last Dance for Me 2004-Oct-23 2005-Jan-02
Magic 2004-Aug-28 2004-Oct-17
Lovers in Paris 2004-Jun-12 2004-Aug-15
Into The Storm 2004-Mar-13 2004-May-30
What Happened in Bali 2004-Jan-03 2004-Mar-07
Perfect Love 2003-Oct-04 2003-Dec-21
First Love 2003-Aug-02 2003-Sep-28
Screen 2003-May-31 2003-Jul-27
Thousand Years of Love 2003-Mar-22 2003-May-25
Into the Sun 2003-Jan-11 2003-Mar-16
Daemang 2002-Oct-12 2003-Jan-05
Rival 2002-Aug-03 2002-Oct-06
Glass Slippers 2002-Mar-02 2002-Jul-28