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Song Hye Kyo made her debut as a model, becoming the winner of a school uniform competition at the age of fourteen. Because of that she played a relatively short role in her first television drama, First Love, but she didn't leave a lasting impression on the viewers. She later attended college at Sejong University, where she majored in Film Arts.

She would later keep "popping-up" in several dramas and sitcoms, with varying degrees of success, but it wasn't until the year 2000 when she started to gain the viewers' attention after landing the lead role in the KBS melodrama Autumn Tale. The drama itself became a nationwide phenomenon and started a trend worldwide that was called Korean New Wave; Song Hye Kyo became an overnight sensation and one of the first Hallyu stars.

In 2003, she appeared in the gambling drama All In alongside co-star Lee Byung Hun, it drew solid viewership ratings, her career continued to improve the following year, when she co-starred with famous actor and singer Rain in the romantic comedy series Full House, over the course of the drama it drew a solid viewership and it was an unqualified success in several countries, it landed Song Hye Kyo as one of the most popular and well-known actresses in Asia.

In 2005, she took a brief hiatus and move to San Francisco to study English, and later traveled to Seattle. A conscious decision of her to reflect and have a good rest. She returned to Korea in that same year, around the month of March and made her big screen debut as the lead in the film My Girl and I (a Korean remake of the Japanese film "Crying Out Love in the Center of the World"), it was panned by critics and audiences alike. Song later declared feeling rather tired of the roles that were being offered to her during that time.

She underwent through another hiatus, this one took two years, she returned to the big screen in a challenging leading role in the 2007 film Hwang Jin Yi, and also took the opportunity to make her American debut in the independent film "Make Yourself At Home" that same year, but unfortunately both films were box office failures.

The following year she made her TV comeback by co-starring with fellow actor Hyun Bin on the KBS2 drama The World That They Live In, which was moderately successful. After several delays in October 2011, was released the film A Reason to Live, Song Hye Kyo considers her performance in the film as the most challenging performance she has ever given on screen.

She appeared in a supporting role in 2013, in the Hong Kong-Chinese martial arts film The Grand Master, for which she learned Cantonese and martial arts. She also returned once more in the same year to the small screen in the romantic melodrama television series The World That They Live In, This drama received very good reviews from critics and audiences alike, and she won the coveted Daesang Award for her role in the drama.

In 2016, Song starred in Kim Eun Sook's drama Descendants of the Sun, which was incredibly popular with an audience in the final episode of 38.8% national level and 41.6% in the capital zone according to Nielsen Korea. The drama re-established Song as the leader of the Hallyu, she topped several popularity polls across Asia for her role in the hit drama series and she also stood out for her immense brand recognition in South Korea.

She dated her drama co-star Song Joong Ki and on July 5, 2017, both actor agencies confirmed that they were in engaged. They wed on a private ceremony on October 31, 2017, at Youngbingwan, Hotel Shilla in Seoul. The wedding was attended by the couple's closest relatives and friends. Song Hye Kyo had previously dated a couple of her previous co-stars, Lee Byung Hun and Hyun Bin.

She is slated to appear once again into the small screen in 2018 in a romantic melodrama Encounter, alongside Park Bo Gum.