Genghis Khan

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Adding Korean broadcast info?[edit]

Groink et al - I need some advice before proceeding. I read the discussion on Genghis Kahn and would like to use Friends 2002 & Bicheonmu as guides to supplement the Genghis Khan article. Specifically I want to add a korean title, korean broadcast dates and the korean season ring TV show links at the bottom, along with a link to KBS Genghis Kang site. Thanks --Imian 02:23, 11 Jul 2009 (UTC)

Bicheonmu and Friends (2002) were Korean/Chinese and Korean/Japanese co-productions. That's why these articles list titles and broadcast info for TV channels of different countries. So, if Genghis Khan is an official Chinese/Korean co-production then adding the relevant Korean info is welcome. If it just aired in Korea as an "import" then the Korean broadcast info is irrelevant. Perhaps adding a trivia note makes sense if the (imported) show was a big(!) hit in Korea. --MoerkJ talk 21:11, 12 Jul 2009 (UTC)