We Are All Alone

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We Are All Alone


  • Title: 怪你过分美丽 / Guai Ni Guo Fen Mei Li
  • English title: We Are All Alone
  • Genre: 36
  • Episodes: Workplace, romance
  • Broadcast network: IQiyi
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jun-08
  • Original soundtrack: We Are All Alone OST


Mo Xiang Wan is known as the iron-willed agent of showbiz. Despite her stature, she suffers a crisis that deals a big blow to her career. She learns many things in the process of finding herself as she reclaims her road to success. At the Golden Urn awards, two of Mo Xiang Wan's biggest artists are nominated for an award. However, hidden dangers lie beneath the shimmering lights of stardom. Because of a strategic mistake, Mo Xiang Wan loses her artists. Through her encounters, Mo Xiang Wan begins to appreciate the ingenuity and passion of veteran actors. She overhauls her methods and decides to focus on making good projects. Mo Bei is the hotshot lawyer who specializes in commercial law. Their paths cross as Mo Xiang Wan tries to fulfill her dreams.

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Correlation Chart
Agent director of Qi Li Culture.
Lawyer of LSM Firm. An expert in Civil and Commercial Law. A morally upright person who sticks firmly to his principles.
Artist of Qi Li Culture. A rising liuliang celebrity known for his sunny image. He is ambitious and hardworking, and wants to prove himself beyond being a liuliang. He likes Mo Xiangwan.
CEO of Qi Li Culture. An unscrupulous businessman.
Artist of Qi Li Culture. A famous liuliang actress known for her temperamental ways. Likes Luo Feng.
Qi Li Culture (Artist)
  • Kara Hui as Ruan Lihua, an award-winning actress who retired from the entertainment industry for many years. The first artist managed by Mo Xiangwan
  • Chen Yang as Fan Mei, a second rate actress known for her acting skills. Used to be managed by Mo Xiangwan
  • Yuan Cheng Jie as Song Lian (40), a seasoned actor who mainly acts in theater plays
  • Hou Zhi Qi as Qi Li Company Artist
Qi Li Culture
  • Zhang Yan Yan as Zhu He (40), Yu Jiang's ex-wife & shareholder of Qi Li Culture
  • Li Qian as Zhu Chendi, agent of Qi Li Culture and Lin Xiang's manager. She sees Mo Xiangwan as her biggest rival
  • Wang Zi Teng as Liu Dawei, agent of Qi Li Culture
  • Zhang Tan as Zou Nan, Lin Xiang's assistant
  • Wang Xing as Xiao Jing, Xu Ling's assistant
Fei Xiang Entertainment
He Zhong Media
People in Entertainment Industry
  • Ma Xiao Qian as Jin Jinwen, Vice CEO of Xing Yan Video. Mo Xiangwan's good friend
  • Yu Yan Kai as Chen Zhong, famed movie director and director of Hug Me
  • Wang Xin Zhong as Lao Zhang, production director of Hug Me
  • Yang Shu Ya as Hu Bing, entertainment news reporter who made a deal with Xiang Wan to get exclusive news
  • Yang Zheng Ning as Yang Tao, acclaimed director. Ruan Lihua's junior
  • Zhao Ke Di‎ as Gao Dou, theater actor
  • Yu Xue Qiao as Xiao Ya, theater actress
  • Bin Zi as Entertainment News Reporter

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