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Drama ring for Chinese, Korean drama pages

I applied the SeasonRing template to the bottom of the following CTS drama pages as a pilot test:

Please take a look. Do you think the templates can be applied for the rest of the Chinese, Korean drama pages? If so, should the ring also be applied consistantly to every drama in the ring, including foreign dramas(happens in the Chinese sections, eg. TVB dramas in the MediaCorp Channel 8 Weekdays 19:00 ring), or only to its own dramas? --A10203040 10:45, 8 Jan 2007 (CST)

It can becoming messy if we take into consideration the foreign dramas in the ring. As you stated, those dramas may have their own rings for their native TV stations. And, it's hard to determine whether a drama is native or foreign, especially the ones co-produced. I rather not create that kind of conflicts in TWdrama section. But, if SG and HK don't have the same issue, then let's go ahead and do it. --WaterOB 05:58, 9 Jan 2007 (CST)
True, I hadn't thought of this problem when deciding if dramas are native or foreign. I think almost every Chinese drama ring will have import Chinese dramas and/or collaborations. Alternatively, what about adding the ring to every drama even if they are imports/collaborations? Dramas can be in more than 1 ring. We just put the first airing drama ring first, and any other rings below them that ring. Will that still be messy? --A10203040 07:10, 9 Jan 2007 (CST)
Having more than one ring for imported drama definitely works. My other concern is that many TWdrama air on two stations (TTV/SETTV, CTS/GTV, etc). I don't want to see 2 rings for the same drama for the same country. What I mean is: There can be 2 rings for Gong Fu Zhuang Yuan, one for HK and one for Taiwan. However, there shouldn't be 2 rings for Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu, one for GTV and one for CTS. --WaterOB 14:57, 9 Jan 2007 (CST)

If it's better to have it in 1 ring per country, how about this style, using the <br> to seperate them? --A10203040 22:02, 9 Jan 2007 (CST)

Previous Drama CTS / GTV Next Drama
Love Queen
Emerald on the Roof
Sundays (CTS)
Saturdays (GTV)
Based on forums, Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu replaced Tokyo Juliet for the same GTV time slot. But, looking at wiki air time, they don't match. So what replaced TJ and what went before Hua Yang? Now that I'm looking at the airtime for the ring, I found a lot of discrepancies. Regular channels like CTS/CTV/TTV have set times for dramas, but cable TV changes. How are going to resolve this problem? --WaterOB 09:15, 10 Jan 2007 (CST)
Hmm, I have been monitering their TV schedules since building on the 2006, 2007 lists. Emerald on the Roof replaced Tokyo Juliet for 6 episodes before being bumped another timeslot to make way for Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu. Guess we have to tv execs to blame for all the movement in the drama timings, but GTV on saturday for example, will almost always have a timeslot reserved for their saturday idol dramas. From what I see so far, the Weekdays as well as the Sat/Sun idol dramas seems to be a relatively fixed event. I'll continue monitoring the list a while longer to see if all these holds true in the long run and move some of the more unstable timeslots to the other dates and times list. --A10203040 10:34, 11 Jan 2007 (CST)

YesAsia Links

As part of the support for the site I would like to add YesAsia links to Drama pages. D-Addicts is currently an affliate with YesAsia and we get 10% commission on any purchase made where the visitor came from D-Addicts link banners which goes to paying for the monthly servers and associated costs, I would like to extend this to the Wiki as well. The Wiki's success is based on the community contribution so I would like to ask the community what they think about this. I have placed an image and a link underneath the Drama's image on the Goong page as an example. Let me know if this is too intrusive and whether or not we should do this at all. --Ruroshin 23:04, 22 Jan 2007 (CST)

Well, it is hard to criticize it if it brings in funding to keep the wiki running. Leaving the commission out of the scenario, I don't like it one bit. I've always believed the wiki should be clean of both commercialization and fanworks. If funding is really hurting, personally I'd rather give you money out of my pocket than to go this route. Groink 00:52, 23 Jan 2007 (CST)
You do what you need to do to keep wiki running. Since we already have an ad banner under every wiki article, a little YesAsia banner is not going to hurt either. If we do go ahead with YesAsia, can editor copy the drama synopsis from YesAsia? --WaterOB 08:06, 23 Jan 2007 (CST)
I now fully understand what's going on. Without going into detail, let's go forward with the buttons. A few policies I'd like to put on the table for discussion: 1) keep the button visible and within the top area of the page - just like how Goong is formatted. 2) I'll make the changes to the style guide, but one thing I'll indicate is that YesAsia is a pass as far as e-tailor shops go, but NO other shops are allowed to post their product links here. If the e-tailer is willing to give Ruroshin money in exchange for advertising, then they should get in touch with him. But we're not going to allow other editors to use YesAsia as a green light for posting links on DramaWiki. 3) Only administrators are allowed to place the buttons on the pages. We shouldn't have just anyone scraping YesAsia and place buttons on every friggin' article in site. IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. If we catch anyone else doing it - even if it is correct, be aggressive and RV the edit. 4) As I indicated to Ruroshin, Katie Flanagan is not allowed to make edits of ANY KIND to the articles. We should still ban her account. The agreement is strictly between D-Addicts and YesAsia, and NOT between D-Addicts and U.S. based YA Entertainment, so this woman should still be treated as just an editor and not a sponsor of the site. Groink 17:03, 23 Jan 2007 (CST)
Thanks groink, here's my take on it:
    1. There is a template in place so the look and feel should be consistent. The template should be added just after the banner image or should be the first line in a page if there is no image.
    2. YA will most likely be the only etailer allowed, I don't plan on having any other.
    3. I was thinking of creating an account so that the YA rep can use to add the button that way we can track it. I believe they will only do their top 50 products anyway so it won't be hard to keep track.
    4. The only edit allowed by the YA rep is the addition of the YA template, nothing else will be allowed. The template will be locked and only the admin and sysop can change it. Oh yeah the YA rep will be someone from and not YA Entertainment, currently I have had no real contact with anybody from YA Entertainment and have only talked with ppl. The rep from have approached me for permission before doing anything so at least I see that as a good sign that they respect our policy.
--Ruroshin 18:17, 23 Jan 2007 (CST)

FYI a new YesAsia representative has taken over the job of posting YA links here but mistakenly used Ria Choi's old account. I have inform the rep to only use the Yesasia account from now on. I also unbanned the rep's IP. --Ruroshin 04:16, 27 Jun 2007 (CDT)

Character Names: Romanization or Translation

Seeing that Marc8 did a massive overhaul on the Chinese character names (Marc8's contribution page), I want to clarify whether we should use direct romanization or translation for some of the character names.
For example:
阿霞姨 -> Ah Xia Yi vs. Aunt Ah Xia
趙主編 -> Zhao Zhu Bian vs. Editor Zhao
林父 -> Lin Fu vs. Lin's father
曹老闆 -> Cao Lao Ban vs. Mr. Cao
茱莉亞 -> Zhu Li Ya vs. Julia
--WaterOB 14:08, 30 Jan 2007 (CST)

I personally like translation better, I think the fact that those are titles seem clearer this way. For Julia, that's how it's pronounced in the show, so I think we should stick to that. --A10203040 10:41, 1 Feb 2007 (CST)

New User Registration

New user registration is currently disabled. For the moment if you want to create an account then just send me an email (ruroshin [at] or send me a Private Message in the forum. --Ruroshin 02:37, 18 Apr 2007 (CDT)

I have re-enable user registration. Hopefully I won't have to disable it again. --Ruroshin 17:44, 25 May 2007 (CDT)
I think you should re-consider making the system closed to registration. When you disabled registration, things here were actually operating just fine. Since you re-enabled it, I haven't seen any positive contribution to the edits. If a potential editor contacted you for an account, I would say that the editor is more likely qualified to work with the rest of us. The psychology works like this: You own a hamburger joint. To promote your business, one day you give away burgers for free. Everyone takes advantage in this deal. If he takes the free burgers, is he a potentially steady customer? Not at all. If you instead sold the burgers as a substantially low-price like 25-cents, then you would receive more qualified customers. This is what is behind the "you can't get a free lunch" philosophy. Good people will always take the extra step in participating in the process. Groink 17:32, 28 May 2007 (CDT)
In case nobody noticed by now but the user registration is disabled once again. If you want to create account then again send me an email as listed above. --Ruroshin 07:30, 27 Jun 2007 (CDT)
I just deleted 15,000 user entries that have not done any edits in an attempt to purge spammer accounts. If your account was deleted and you want to contribute then simply email me and I'll create your account again. --Ruroshin 05:29, 3 Sep 2007 (CDT)