Eternal Love of Dream

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Eternal Love of Dream


  • Title: 三生三世枕上书 / San Shi San Shi Zhen Shang Shu
  • English title: Eternal Love of Dream
  • Also known as: Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book
  • Genre: Xianxia, fantasy, romance
  • Episodes: 56
  • Broadcast network: Tencent
  • Broadcast period: 2020-Jan-22 to 2020-Mar-05
  • Original soundtrack: Eternal Love of Dream OST
  • Related series: Three Lives Three Worlds


The drama depicts the love story of Qingqiu's monarch Bai Feng Jiu and Heavenly Emperor Dong Hua, that spans 2000 years.


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The youngest female monarch of Qing Qiu, and the only known nine-tailed red fox in the world.
The first heavenly emperor of the Heaven Clan; the man who united the world. He wields the Cang He sword.
Qing Qiu
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Lord of the Underworld in charge of human reincarnation. He is Feng Jiu's friend who helped her create Aranya and take care of Ye Qingti.
Nine Heavens
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Third prince of the Nine Heavens. A water immortal of the four seas. A free-spirited man who is reputed as a playboy. He is close friends with Dong Hua and Si Ming; and likes Cheng Yu.
A deity in charge of mankind's fate. Known as one of the two walking encyclopedia of Heaven, Si Ming is knowledgeable of all the gossips in the Heaven realm. He is close friends with Dong Hua and Lian Song, as well as Feng Jiu who he helped get close to Dong Hua.
An immortal who is brought from the mortal realm to the Nine Heavens by the Heaven Lord. She likes Lian Song, and is good friends with Feng Jiu.
A water deity. Dong Hua's foster cousin. She is in love with Dong Hua and out of jealousy, often bullies Feng Jiu during her stay in Tai Chen palace.
  • Fan Zhi Xin as Chong Lin, housekeeper of Tai Chen Palace
  • Chen Si Che as Yu Ru, Zhi He's personal servant
  • Wang Meng Jiao (王梦娇) as Zhao Lu, maid of Taichen Palace. Feng Jiu's friend
Fan Yin Valley (Aranya's Dream)
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Second prince of the Western Sea. Aranya's teacher who rescued her from the snake pit. He realized he was in love with Aranya after her death.
King of Biyi Bird tribe. Aranya and Chang Di's birth father. He rebelled against his father and took over the throne, because he was in love with Qing Hua, who at the time was his sister-in-law. He wanted to kill Ju Nuo, his brother's only child, but was poisoned to death by Qing Hua.
Queen of the Biyi Bird tribe. Aranya, Ju Nuo and Chang Di's mother. She wanted to make Ju Nuo queen at all costs.
Elder prince of the Biyi Bird tribe. He is kindhearted, but powerless and weak.
First princess of the Biyi Bird tribe. Xiangli Meng's mother. Shen Ye's fiancee.
Second princess of the Biyi Bird tribe. She is actually Feng Jiu's shadow born to fulfil all of Shen Ye's wishes.
Third princess of the Biyi Bird tribe. She is arrogant and wilful. She is in love with Xi Ze and wants Aranya dead.
Archmage of the Biyi Bird tribe. Aranya's cousin, who fell in love with her at first sight. He is actually Dong Hua's shadow sent to guard the Hui Ming Realm.
Former Archmage of the Biyi Bird tribe. Aranya's husband (in name), and Shen Ye's teacher. After he retreated to the mountains to heal, Dong Hua froze him in the mountains and took on his identity in Aranya's Dream.
A female scholar at the Royal Academy. Aranya signed her name in her letters to Shen Ye. She fell in love with Shen Ye after meeting him.
Fan Yin Valley (present)
Queen of the Biyi Bird tribe. Mother of Xiangli Meng.
Second prince of the Biyi Bird tribe. He fell in love with Feng Jiu ever since she saved him in Mount Zhi Yu when they were young.
Xiangli Meng's cousin. She admires Dong Hua. She later becomes the new Queen of the Biyi Bird tribe.
Demon Clan
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Ruler of the Demon Clan. She was created from the dark energy seeping out of the Hui Ming Realm. She was sealed in a rock by Dong Hua after their battle.
Ruler of the Red Demon Clan (Lord Chi). Ji Heng's foster brother, Yan Chiwu's sworn brother. He wanted Ji Heng to marry Dong Hua to strengthen his powers.
Princess of the Red Demon Clan. Her first love as Min Su, but she gradually fell in love with Dong Hua as time goes by.
Ruler of the Green Demon Clan. Twin brother of Zi Lan. He is deeply in love with Ji Heng. He became close friends with Feng Jiu during their stay in Fan Yin Pavilion.
Lord Xuan of Demon Clan. He secretly collaborated with Miao Luo to revive the Demon clan.
Ji Heng's bodyguard. She likes Xu Yang.
Mortal realm
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Emperor of Cheng Yu kingdom. Dong Hua's reincarnation in the mortal realm.
Feng Jiu's identity in the mortal realm. After saving Song Xuanren during a war, Song Xuanren fell in love with her and took her in as a consort.
A general. Oldest son of Ye Zhen, a marquis with roots in the military. Loyal subordinate of Song Xuanren. He fell in love with Xiao Jiu after she saved his life, and sacrificed his life saving her.
Ji Heng's identity in the mortal realm. Princess of Chong An Kingdom. She is sent to Cheng Yu Kingdom as part of a marriage alliance between both countries. She was manipulated by Nie Chuyin to steal a precious rock from Cheng Yu Kingdom.
Chu Wan's personal servant who looks exactly like Min Su. She is created by Nie Chuyin to stay by Ji Heng (Chu Wan)'s side.
Prince Cheng. Song Xuanren's brother. He is jealous of Song Xuanren and constantly tried to assassinate him.
  • Gao Shu Guang as Emperor, previous ruler of Cheng Yu kingdom.
  • Yang Ming Na as Consort Xian (Empress Dowager), mother of Song Xuanying.
  • Li Jia Xun as Mu Yun, Xiao Jiu's servant. Reincarnation of Mu Fengdie, a butterfly that Feng Jiu saved in the Heaven realm.
  • Ren Xue Hai as Head attendant of the palace
  • Wang Chang Rui as Attendant Yang, a eunuch sent by Empress Dowager to Song Xuanren
  • Zhang Hai Feng as King of Chong An Kingdom
  • Gu Bao Feng as Minister Zhang
  • Yao An (姚安) as Physician Hu
  • Liu Yue Tao as Assistant general
  • Liu Xin Hui (刘心惠) as Sang'er, a maid that works for Song Xuanying and framed Xiao Jiu of poisoning Song Xuanren
Others (Deities)
Deity of Mount Zhi Yue. He fell in love with Feng Jiu at first sight, and almost married her 70 years ago.
An aquatic dragon deity who once served under Dong Hua. Ji Heng's father. He was locked up on Mount Bai Shui, where he first met Ji Heng and died saving her, asking Dong Hua to take care of her in his place.
A deity who helped cast Dong Hua's shadow into the Meng Yin valley, and created one of the souls to be Shen Ye.
  • Li Yu Su as Fu Mi Immortal Mother, Feng Jiu's great grandmother
  • Tian Kai as Feng Jiu's great grandfather

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The drama began filming in May 2018, and wrapped up in November 2018 at Hengdian World Studios.


  • 2020 7th Hengdian Film and TV Festival of China (Wenrong Awards): Best Television Series (Tencent Video)
  • 2020 2nd Asia Contents Awards : Best Rising Star (Dilireba)

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