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For a voice actor with a similar sounding name, see Chang Jin (voice actor).
Chang Jin


  • Name: 常晋 / Chang Jin
  • Also known as: 常鲁江 / Chang Lu Jiang
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: 1979-Jan-28 (age 45)
  • Birthplace: Shandong, China
  • Chinese zodiac: Goat
  • Family: Older brother/actor Jerry Chang

TV Series


  • The Warlord of the Sea (大航海王之乘风破浪) (2021) as Luo Da Yong
  • Legend of the Ancient Sword: Sorrowsong Conspiracy (古剑奇谭之悲歌咒) (2021) as Village Chief
  • Di Renjie: Burning Sky and Different Fire (狄仁杰之焚天异火) (2020) as Luo Jin Zhu
  • God of War (赵子龙) (2020) as Xia Hou Dun
  • Love in the Kitchen (青簪锁三千) (2020) as Security Chief
  • Renascence: Red Flame (凤唳九天之焰赤篇) (2020) as Uncle Wang
  • Shadow Warrior (影武杨家将) (2019) as Emperor
  • The Legend of Zu (蜀山降魔传) (2018) as Xuan Tian
  • Legend of Tian Peng (天蓬元帅之大闹天宫) (2018) as King Tota Li
  • Horror Floor (诡八楼) (2014) as Sun Zhi
  • Fleet of Ten Years (2014)
  • The Price of Love (2013)


  • Education: Shanghai Theatre Academy

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