KBS2 Monday to Saturday Morning 09:00

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KBS2 Monday to Friday (9:00 AM)[edit]

Title Start Date End Date
Lady Cha Dal Rae's Lover 2018-Sep-03 2019-Jan-18
Waves, Waves 2018-Feb-12 2018-Aug-31
Dal Soon's Spring 2017-Aug-14 2018-Feb-09
Sea of the Woman 2017-Feb-27 2017-Aug-11
That Sun in the Sky 2016-Sep-07 2017-Feb-24
My Mind's Flower Rain 2016-Feb-29 2016-Sep-06
The Stars Are Shining 2015-Aug-31 2016-Feb-26
In Still Green Days 2015-Mar-02 2015-Aug-28
Abiding Love Dandelion 2014-Aug-25 2015-Feb-27
Gold Land 2014-Jan-06 2014-Aug-22
Eun Hee 2013-Jun-24 2014-Jan-03
Samsaengi 2013-Jan-07 2013-Jun-21
Love, My Love 2012-May-07 2013-Jan-04
Dear My Sister 2011-Nov-07 2012-May-04
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KBS2 Monday to Saturday (9:00 AM)[edit]

Title Start Date End Date
Sweet Palpitations 2011-May-02 2011-Nov-05
I'm Glad I Loved You 2010-Oct-25 2011-Apr-30
Mom is Pretty Too 2010-Apr-05 2010-Oct-23
I'll Give You Everything 2009-Oct-12 2010-Apr-03
The Tale of Janghwa and Hongryeon 2009-Apr-20 2009-Oct-10
Wife and Woman 2008-Oct-20 2009-Apr-18
You Are Very Good 2008-Apr-21 2008-Oct-18
The Innocent Woman 2007-Oct-01 2008-Apr-19
Its Ok Because I Love You 2007-May-21 2007-Sep-29
Here Comes Ajumma 2006-Nov-13 2007-May-19
A Woman's Choice 2006-May-01 2006-Nov-11
Don't Worry 2005-Oct-31 2006-Apr-29
Dangerous Love 2005-May-09 2005-Oct-29
Forgiveness 2004-Nov-01 2005-May-07
Beautiful Temptation 2004-Apr-19 2004-Oct-30
Not Divorced 2003-Oct-13 2004-Apr-17
Rose Fence 2003-Jun-02 2003-Oct-01
Girl School 2002-Dec-09 2003-May-31
Saxophone 2002-Jun-03 2002-Dec-07
Sidestreet People 2002-Jan-14 2002-Jun-02
I Like Dong Suh 2001-Aug-27 2002-Jan-12